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Thinking Alien info

is an international, inter-disciplinary event
sponsored jointly by the Centre for the Study of Cultural Values,
University of Lancaster, and the Centre for Cultural Studies,
University of Leeds, to be held at Leeds University (Roger Stevens
Building) on 16 & 17 September 1996

THINKING alien brings together over 50 speakers from the fields of
cultural, aesthetic and literary theory,  from philosophy, musicology,
sociology and psychology

the philosophy of  gilles deleuze; legacies of the situationists;
science fiction and cultural theory; alien aesthetics; prosthetics,
technology, culture; antihumanism and feminism; donna harraway and the
cyborg; nomadic spaces; abjection, alienation and artefactuality;
intimations of apocalypse; technologies of sound; music and dance;
sonic expression
 plus multimedia performances from -jim flint - switch - digital chaos
 - angus carlyle

stlg20/stlg15 concessions - cheques payable to University of Leeds - send
to: THINKINGalien Dept. of Fine Art University of Leeds LEEDS LS 2 9JT
please include your mail address for full conference programme
(abstracts, information, accommodation) conference registration 9.00 -
11.00 hrs, 16 september - final panel ends 19.30 hrs, 17 september

the organisers regret that there is only a limited amount of
university accommodation available - for university accommodation
contact - 0113 2336100 - for hotel accommodation contact Leeds Leisure
Services - 0113 2425242 - or see programme for hotel listings

THINKING alien  is run in conjunction with
close very very close
a sequence of time-based installations - a programme of film and video
roger stevens building, university of leeds, 16 - 17 september, 10.00
- 17.00 hrs information email: finemp@lucs-mac.novell.leeds.ac.uk

at back to basics, leeds, 17 september, 1pm - 6am
a unique multimedia symposium and club event - exploring and extending
the horizons of electronic music and dance culture - concessionary
rate of stlg8 to all attending THINKINGalien information email:
fsonic@lancaster.ac.uk  -  http://www.phreak.co.uk/haywire/futuresonic

specialists in cultural capital since 1996