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Mundo Latino

>From the AEC's "M E M E S I S" list:

My name is Mariano Maturana (media-artist from Chile). I am working on "La
Cosa", the
spanish speaking artists network and experimental art space of "Mundo Latino".

It's important to tell you that this initiative start because all
the information in Spanish was organized by countrys, which was
unrealistic an inefficient, considering the enormous Spanish speaking
community around the world. So Language became for me a cultural platform
in the www. At this moment our server has around 3000 visitors a day,
(however I believe that numbers of visitors doesn't say nothing about the
quality and contents of culture).

Because the 'Memesis' theme interests me a lot, I decided to create a
visual-poem (web-poem)
using 99 words wrote by the participants, as a contribution to this forum.
URL adress:

I hope you will have time to visit it (Please use Netscape 2.0. Documents
are between 20 and 30 Kb)

Best wishes

Mariano Maturana


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