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Channel, the national [i.e. British] Internet network of media arts
organisations, is
calling for artists' proposals for internet projects that explore the theme
of the digital or imaginary city.

Artists Fee £3000 (plus production expenses £1000)

Selected artists will be invited to work with a media arts organisation to
develop their project.

Short descriptions of proposals are required, to be developed if projects
are shortlisted.



Metropolis: Cities of the imagination

The city has become a fundamental metaphor in the conceptualisation
of digital space, particularly with reference to the development and
use of the Internet as a 'space' and a 'community'. Recent discussion
by cultural theorists around the city as an imaginary space, a
collective fiction of public and private, has played a major part in our
understanding of the city as simultaneously a 'real' place and a
virtual one. At the same time the virtual city is discussed as a model
for communications, as a network of various and hybrid
communications systems, and the 'online' city is being promoted as
a way of making the administration and activities that go on within an
'actual' city more transparent and accessible. The computer is also
seen as taking on a role as provider of a collective memory, the
archive of our experience, of image, of records; its ubiquitousness
places it in the symbolic role of the keeper of the community and at
the heart of the city.

 It is not just our understanding of the city as a virtual space that is
being re-negotiated, but our understanding of ourselves.

Artists will be invited to create a personal projection of a city on the

Â¥ This may be to use the interactive potential
of the Internet to structure urban,
architectural or metaphorical 'spaces' or to
create alternative scenarios of the way we
operate as communities, construct histories,
and occupy space.
Â¥ These projects could include fictionalised
accounts, anecdotes, snapshot photographs,
sound recordings, film footage, records of
transactions, maps or 3D spatial

Selected artists will each work with a
host media arts organisation to develop
their project. The projects will be linked
together via the Channel site to create a
notional 'map' of the imagined cities and
a context for the project as a whole. Each
project will therefore be related to each
other, and the entire project will
ultimately be viewed on the Internet as an
integrated site.

Â¥ Three commissions will be awarded for 1996/7 commencing in Oct/ Now
Â¥ Two commissions will go into development for 1997/8.
¥ The artists fee for each commission is £3,000


Â¥ Artists are invited to submit proposals in any form,
outlining their approach to the theme and how they
would like to develop a project
Â¥ Deadline for submissions is 31 August 1996

Full information is at

or contact CHANNEL

Peter Ride
CHANNEL & Arts Programme Co-ordinator
257 Upper Street
London N1 1RW

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