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. Petersburg Cultural Information

Enclosed is   information   about   Institute  for  Cultural  Programs
(St.Petersburg, Russia) and its information resources. May be it will
be useful for your activity.

   The Institute  for  Cultural  Programs  is  a  municipal   non-profit
institution. The  aim  is  to promote St.Petersburg as a world cultural and
tourism center.  Activities:  information,  consulting, training (including
seminars and  conferences),  community  relations and promotion of cultural
It deals with collecting, storing and spreading the information.
 Institute for  Cultural  Programs  provides  inquiry services
based on using the following computer databases:
 - "Contemporary Fine Arts in St.Petersburg" - exhibitions since 1988,
artists (about 3000), paintings, artistic groups and galleries.
 - "Contemporary Theatre in St.Petersburg" - theatre companies
and their repertoire.
 - "Libraries and Museums in St.Petersburg"
 - "Foundations  and   Not   for   Profit   Organisations   in
 - "The   Tourist   Industry   in   St.Petersburg"   -    tour
organisations, hotels and restaurants.

 Institute participates in the federal program - INTERNET DATABASE

 Institute for  Cultural  Programs  collects  information   on
upcoming  cultural  events  of  the  city till the end of 1997
(premiers, exhibitions, festivals, competitions, lectures) and
issues monthly bulletin. Motto: "Ask - and we'll answer."

8, Rubinstein street, 191025 St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: (812) 164 75 96
Phone/Fax: (812) 312 95 72
Fax: (812) 219 65 98

Natasha Zatchek
Head, Information Department