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The Negative River [ANNOUNCEMENT]

dARK & Light Research Lab [announcement]
28th March-8th June 1996 Pécs/Hungary-The Hague/The Netherlands

an a-topical city model on Internet
by Károly Tóth artist

The river always has had a great impact when cultures arise. It has been a 
link, an element of coherence between different groups of people. The 
birthplaces of the great classical civilizations were very often rivers too.

The native cities of the participants of ?The Negative River?, are situated 
along large rivers. The Maas in Holland, Donau in Slowakia and Hungary.  
Like in the ancient times a characteristic geographical element as a river, 
could be a culture determinative factor. So arises in the present time places 
of an other kind. Places along info-streams in an info space, the so cold 
Internet. The structure of information is dependent on the nature of the 
information itself. Its topology is not given geographically. It has an a-topical 
character. (topos=place)

During the NEGATIVE RIVER project I ask artists, writers, and 
specialists in the mental spaces of the human to contribute to my Internet 
Colony. The invited thinkers are from West and East-Europe as well. I have 
asked them to send me information about their environment they are living 
in. I am interested in their rather subjective city. More the mental than the 
physical one. They send me information, which could be text, image, sound, 
or anything else. From their information I am going to reconstruct a city, a 
space and time structure, a Terra A-Topica. The information they send will 
be build in this reconstruction.

Above the computer-models of the physical city of the invited 
participants I locate this mental city in a 3D virtual environment. This 3D 
computer model will be open to a broad audience via the Internet. The 
visitors can walk through this environment real time.

List of participants of Negative River so far:
ATTILA foundation Rotterdam, The Netherlands
 	Ilona Lénárd artist
 	Kas Oosterhuis architect
 	Menno Rubbens architect
Slobodan Jokic artist, Amsterdam-Zagreb, The Netherlands-Kroatie
Wim Nijenhuis urbanistic philosopher, Delft, The Netherlands
Thomas van Putten artist, The Hague, The Netherlands
Károly Tóth, artist, The Hague, The Netherlands
Zsolt Zalka, psychiatrist, Pécs, Hungary

De dARK & Light Research Lab has been active since1990. It is ?long 
time? project of Károly Tóth visual artist (Hungary/Netherlands). The goal of 
the Lab is to make a reconnaissance on the aspects of light.

The aspects of light are:
 	something that makes things visible or affords illumination
 	an electromagnetic radiation to which the organs of sight react
 	the aspect in which a thing appears or is regarded
 	radiance or illumination
 	mental or spiritual enlightenment
The aspects of dark are:
 	having little or no light
 	somber in hue
 	gloomy or dismal
 	evil or wicked
 	dark is sphere

grey means grey

URL: http://www.bart.nl/~terra
MAIL: terra@bart.nl