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Syndicate: Report net.congestion Opening Event Zadruga/YU

by: Wendy Koops

Opening Event Zugrada
De Balie

Friday, October 6

This artist collective from Belgrade could not have chosen a more
unfortunate time to come to Amsterdam. They are invited to do the opening
event at the Balie, but in their absence there has been a revolution. By the
time they return to Belgrade, the political situation is going to be changed
drastically. One of them says that he cannot believe it: 'I have been living
under Milosovic for twelve years, which is a large period of my life'- he is
only twenty-two. They follow everything what happens at home with amazement.
His colleague, Aleksander Gubas tells me a bit more about the collective and
the situation at home.

The Hardcore of Zadruga contains of about twelve artists, of which six came
to Amsterdam. I ask if the group has any political background. 'We are what
you can call an artguerrilla. Not in a political sense, we are mostly
opposed to a lack of sense.' They all got to know each other at the Cinema
Rex, a cultural centre where people had the opportunity to present new ideas
and inventions. Each of them had their own story, their own approach. 'After
the Cinema Rex and all the equipment was taken over by another owner, the
crew of Cinema Rex went on in the group Cyberrex. This group became too
involved with politics, so the artists of Zadruga formed their own group. We
wanted to express our feelings in art, not make a political statement. We
want to tell about our emotions about living under the regime of Milosovic.
Political actions have to be done for example by demonstrating in the street
or cancel programmes on the radio.' At the same time it's difficult to
concentrate at the moment. 'We are only half here. Our minds are with the
things that happen at home.'

It is a pity, but I am more interested by the way they react on the
political situations then on the art they make. Probably it is also because
they are not completely here. But the public seems to have a good time, and
that is the most important thing, isn't it?

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