Inke Arns on Tue, 10 Oct 2000 12:57:00 +0200

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Syndicate: looking for people in Christchurch

Dear Syndicalists,

sorry to bother everyone with that kind of stuff, but I am trying to
re-establish some contact to the people I met in Christchurch/NZ. I have
nothing but their names (nobody gave me any cards down there ;).  I know
that there is at least one person from Christchurch on this list (Adam?) --
at least Zita mentioned the Syndicate list in connection with your name.
Would you please be so kind to give me Zita's and Nathan's e-mail / snail
mail addresses? Or pass on this mail on to them?

Thanks in advance,
Inke Arns

PS: My travel report is online at - I
will soon include some photos taken in HK and NZ.


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