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Syndicate: Call for Entries - San Diego Latino Film Festival 2001

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>Please spread the word to your members and/or participating film/video
>Thank you!
>Release Date: October 6, 2000
>Contact: Ethan van Thillo, Founder / Director, 619.850.1849
>San Diego, CA.  The organizers of the Eighth Annual San Diego Latino
>Film Festival (SDLFF) are now accepting entries for the 2001
>festival.  SDLFF will take place March 6-11, 2001 at Mann Hazard
>Center 7 located in beautiful San Diego, California.  The upcoming
>festival will consist of 22 programs with over 55 feature and short
>films to be screened.  In addition to the film screenings, the
>festival will host 30 guest filmmakers and actors, present two
>tributes to acclaimed Latino filmmakers, coordinate special
>educational programs at area high schools and universities, and hold
>Opening and Closing Night Gala Receptions in celebration of the
>festival.  Deadline for submissions to the festival is November 30,
>The San Diego Latino Film Festival was originally established seven
>years ago as a student film festival focusing on works by Latinos
>and/or about the Latino Experience.  Since that time, the San Diego
>Latino Film Festival has developed into one of the larger and
>well-respected Latino film festivals in the country.  Over 22,000
>people have attended during the past six years and 350 films/videos
>from across Latin America and the United States have been screened.
>Past festival guests have included such renowned individuals as
>Arturo Ripstein, Paul Rodriguez, Patssi Valdez, Luis Valdez,Gregory
>Nava, Edward James Olmos, Lourdes Portillo, Moctesuma Esparza, Ray
>Bradbury, Jacob Vargas, Lucia Murat, Nancy de los Santos and hundreds
>of other emerging and established Latino filmmakers.
>A panel of distinguished curators from the San Diego and Tijuana
>community will select the films and videos to be screened during the
>festival.  All entries will be pre-screened for eligibility by
>curators, however, not all entries will be programmed.  Festival
>Founder, Ethan van Thillo, states, "With over 5,000 people attending
>our festival in 2000, filmmakers can be assure of receiving extensive
>exposure at our upcoming festival.  I strongly encourage emerging and
>established filmmakers to submit their short films, documentaries,
>videos, experimental works, and feature films. SDLFF 2001 will once
>again be a chance for San Diego and Baja California audiences to
>gather and celebrate the very best Latino Cinema has to offer."
>For return of application materials there is a $15 handling fee
>payable by check or money order to: Media Arts Center San Diego.
>Materials will not be returned without the handling fee.  Send all
>entries to: San Diego Latino Film Festival 2001, c/o Media Arts
>Center San Diego, 2039 29th Street., San Diego, CA 92104, U.S.A., TEL
>(619) 230-1938, E-MAIL
>The Eighth Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival is presented by the
>Southern California Lincoln Mercury Dealership Association.  SDLFF is
>a production of Media Arts Center San Diego.  Media Arts Center San
>Diego is a non-profit organization nurturing and supporting media
>artists working in film, video, audio, and computer-based multimedia.
>The organization seeks to provide a forum for and promote the
>diversity of interests of San Diego Border Region media artists
>through regular screenings, educational outreach, distribution, film
>festivals, production and technical assistance, scholarships, and
>fiscal sponsorships.
>For additional information on submitting a film and/or video, contact
>festival organizers at (619) 230-1938.  Addtional information and the
>official Entry Form can also be found by visiting the festival's
>website at
>Photos Available Upon Request
>Ethan van Thillo
>Executive Director
>San Diego Latino Film Festival
>c/o Media Arts Center San Diego Inc.
>2039 29th Street
>San Diego, CA 92104
>TEL: 619-230-1938
>FAX: 619-234-9722

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