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Syndicate: death at the Czech/German border

The police founded one dead person and one wounded in the head inside the cistern with kaolin on lorry. It were 50 foreigners mainly from India and Turkey who have been try cross the German border. They left cistern-car just before the crossing the German border and still unknown why. They spent more than 24 hours inside cistern because of line which appeared in the day of German state's holiday. They were seeing by somebody in the moment when they were leaving the cistern and those somebody reported to the police. They left before police came. Border police spent all day after trying catch migrants in near forest. After they were find by border police they were sent to Balkova detention center which serves as "vacuum pot" for migrants who not allowed to Germany.
The importance of this case is that it was first time when crossing the border for migrants ended up with death on Western Czech border. It has connection to the case which happened in Britain when in the lorry for transported eggs was found 58 dead bodies of potential refuges. This car also have been going trough Cz.
Some official dates: for all time of CZ being independent state the border police detained 213 000 persons but illegally could cross in 4 times more, which means each day 313 persons crossing the border.
Another article in MF Dnes (Czech daily newspaper) saying about how Gerhard Schröder was proclaiming during the celebration of unification of Germany that EU should be ready to accept accession countries and Chirac (French president), added " we waiting for you with impatience, I am saying this here, just few kilometers near Czech/polish borders." What is the pathetic!
This two passages from MF Dnes saying for themselves what going near border in reality and what is "impatiens" of EU policy about and whom it waiting for.
*Infor taken from Czech newspapers from 4.10.2000 and 5.10.2000.
Comments made by myself
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