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Syndicate: one last report from serbia

this is one last report i have found from serbia. from now on i will fwd
articles as they come in. 

Dear friends,
    General Strike in Serbia continued through whole day today (3rd
October). Students organized their own demonstrations which started at 
12 o'clock at the square in front of Philosophical faculty. We blocked the 
main streets in Belgrade for more than 6 hours. We also blocked highway
for more than 2 hours. During all that time we had loud support of people
from surrounding buildings and from blocked cars.
    In some places of city police started betting up people which is 
the best sign that Milosevic is loosing control and that this fight is his  
life or death fight. God news is that police on some places in town
refused to beat protesters up, that is showing that Milosevicis  system is
braking up inside. Until now police was main protecting force of Milosevic
    Coal miners in the biggest mine in Serbia are striking for 3 days 
now, some 7000 miners were faced in Leskovac (city in Serbia) with 2000 
armed policemans, several of them are injured and arrested. Electricity in 
some parts of Belgrade was out today, regime is trying in that way to turn 
public opinion against striking miners but  we have data from independent
syndicates that there is enough coal for electricity and that this is 
only trick by the regime.
    Whole Serbia is in General Strike, Belgrade is in worst position of
whole Serbia.  If we want to take this bastard of the power we have to 
stop Belgrade, and we hope to do that as soon as tomorrow or day after 
tomorrow. Lot of people from cities in Serbia tried to come to Belgrade
but were stopped by police.
    Organization of student protest was total shit. We, anarchists, had
fight with secret leaders of Otpor, pro-opposition student movement, 
which didn't have any organizing ideas and plans but wanted to make
strike!! Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are going to join organizing board of
strike, we will put some more demands that we think that should be gained,
like full autonomy of university and other student-related stuff. We hope
that organizing of strike tomorrow will be much better, if it doesn't goes 
that way, we will see what other things we can do to put General Strike in
    Those are the news for now, tomorrow I'll send some more news.
Anarcho-syndicalist greet


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