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The offices of Glas Javnosti have, over the past few days, received a number of phone calls threatening the journalists. The anonymous calls generally start with a string of foul words, followed by calling the paper "traitorous". In conclusion comes a "firm promise that bombs will be thrown on the offices and houses of Glas journalists, as a well deserved punishment for treason".

The League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, Nenad Canak two nights ago met Jiri Dienstbier, special UN rapporteur for human rights in the embassy of the Slovak Republic. Dienstbier said that Vojvodina would be given special UN attention as a true "jewel" and a multinational region on the turbulent southeast of Europe. Dienstbier, according to Canak, reminded that a NATO delegation had been in Belgrade a month before the bombing and told the military leadership of Yugoslavia what would happen in the event of air strikes, giving it a list of specific targets. "NATO headquarters gave a list of all targets 24 hours before the bombing. This was so in the case of the General Staff building, Ministry of the Interior, the Government and even Radio Television Serbia (RTS). Director general of the RTS Dragoljub Milanovic and chief editor Jovan Ristic were informed about the time of the bombing 12 hours ahead, and the failure to remove the staff off the premises amounts to plain murder. The regime sacrificed the RTS staff to score a few political points," said Canak, claiming that he heard all that from Jiri Dienstbier in the presence of a few witnesses during their talks in the embassy of the Slovak republic in Belgrade.

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