dimitrina on Wed, 4 Oct 2000 02:28:33 +0200

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Syndicate: Request: translations of "artistic" in various languages

Dear friends,
in the context of a project we're looking for translations of the term "artistic" in as many languages as possible. We've tried our best with online and other dictionaries to find such translations (see list below), but for sure there are people on the list who can help with languages we have not found translations for yet, or who can correct possible mistakes in the translations we have.
Thanks a ton in advance, and best greetings to all,
Dimitrina Sevova, Alain Kessi
English: artistic
Afrikaans: kunstig
Bulgarian: hudozhestven, iziashten, artistichen
Dutch: artistiek, kunstig, kunstmatig
Esperanto: arta
Estonian: kunstipдrane, artistlik
French: artistique
German: kunstvoll, kьnstlerisch
Hungarian: mыvйszi
Irish-Gaelic: artola
Italian: artмstico
  artistic           kotta
  artistic effect    joushu
  artistic instinct  gashin
  artistic pursuits  inji
  artistic talent    gasai
  artistic                          tohunga   
  artistic                          rerehua
  artistic all-round (gymnastics)   tau takitahi
  artistic teams                    tau-a~-kapa
Polish: artystyczny
Portuguese: artнstico
  artistic (adj)      artistic
  artistically (adv)  cu artг
Russian: artisticheskij
Scottish-Gaelic: ealanta, innealta, eal(dh)anta
  artistic (adj)       artнstico, artificioso
  artistically (adv)   artнsticamente
Swedish: konstnдrlig