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Syndicate: NOMADS & RESIDENTS - Aestheticization of war

From: "trebor" <>

> A forum for visitors in the arts: making connections, supporting networks,
> setting up meetings
> "Aestheticization of war"
> Oct 7th, 5 pm
> PS1 Contemporary Art Center
> 22-25 Jackson Ave.
> At the intersection of 46th Ave in Long Island City
> (studio Wing - 2nd floor; entrance at south corner of PS1, on 46th Rd., in
> front of the Amoco gas station)
> The evening will discuss issues around the representation of recent
> politically motivated violence and acts of war. What are the problems
> inherent in aestheticizing political conflicts through different media?
> are the strategies used to shift the focus away from macrostructures of
> international politics to the microstructures of individual tragedies?
> 5 - 6.30 pm: presentations
> 6.30: coffee break
> 6.45: presentations and round table discussion moderated by Trebor Scholz.
> Participants: Emily Jacir, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Ivo Skoric, Thomas
> Keenan, Walid Raad, Martha Rosler, Trebor Scholz
> TREBOR SCHOLZ is an artist and curator born in East Germany, currently
> teaching Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Arizona.
> He will present 'Kosov@: Carnival in the Eye of the Storm', a project
> organized in response to the war in Kosovo that consisted of an exhibition
> on view at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon (April
> 2000), a film and video program, an international conference, and a
> LEON GOLUB, New York based artist. Since 1950, through painting and large
> scale installations, Golub has focused on stress, violence and war; and
> recently on a sardonic "pseudo metaphysical" look at current "realities."
> our schizoid media saturated contemporaneity.
> THOMAS KEENAN is Visiting Assoc. Professor of Comparative Literature at
> College. He is author of "Fables of Responsibility" (Stanford, 1997) and
> currently finishing a book on humanitarianism, media, and post-Cold war
> conflicts called "Live Feed". He will present the Human Rights Project.
> MARTHA ROSLER, New York based artist, works with photography, video and
> installation. She teaches photography and media at Rutgers University, and
> just had an exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.
> NANCY SPERO's art spans four decades across several media. Spero
> assumptions about the nature of women's power and presence by culling
> of women victims of war and rape, goddesses from ancient history and
> mythology as well as current media images of roller skaters, athletes,
> dancers, old women, etc. Her most recent installation was at the 7th Cairo
> Biennial where Spero was the American
> representative.
> WALID RAAD is a Lebanese artist currently living and working in the US.
> works include textual analysis, video, performance and photography
> that concentrate on the Lebanese civil wars. Raad is an Assistant
> of Media and Cultural Studies at Queens College (CUNY) and is also
> Director of The Atlas Group (Beirut/New York). He will be showing
> (notebooks and videotapes) form the Atlas Archive.
> EMILY JACIR is a New York based artist.. Her work incorporates a variety
> media and has dealt with issues of exile and the Palestinian/Israeli
> conflict.
> IVO SKORIC is a New York based journalist writing for the on-line mailing
> list "Net time". He will talk about the use of digital vs. analog
> media during the Kosovo war
> NOMADS & RESIDENTS makes connections with people who live here and with
> people who visit, by setting up an active network of collaborators, and
> creating and organizing public events in a variety of places. NOMADS &
> RESIDENTS invites artists, guests, curators, critics, activists, travelers
> and passers-by to present insight into their practice, their ideas,
> histories, and drives.  The curatorial and organizing group of NOMADS &
> RESIDENTS consists of New York based and temporary residents. They
> seek out information about who is coming to New York and when, they invite
> guests to present their ideas and solicit the involvement of spaces where
> these presentations can take place. They welcome advice, ideas and the
> support of others. The events will be partly informal and casual, and will
> focus on exchanging ideas, initiating new projects and networks. They will
> also include short presentations, lectures, talks, sideshows, small
> exhibitions, performances, discussions. Priority will be given to
> that could become projects that will be shared among the participants, to
> practice that can make resources and ideas available for common use.
> Liesbeth Bik (artist, The Netherlands), Catherine Cruello
> (curator/organizer, New York), Andrea Geyer (New York based artist),
> Gordon Knox (New York based initiator and organizer), Jan Kopp (artist,
> France), John Menick (New York based artist), Phill Niblock (New York
> artist), Olu Oguibe (New York based artist/curator), Cesare Pietroiusti
> (artist, Italy), Jos van der Pol (artist, the Netherlands), Annette
> Schindler (curator, Switzerland), Shelly Silver (New York based artist).
> For more information or suggestions for the program, please contact us
> at <>

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