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Syndicate: Monday 2nd october

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Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 11:30:45 +0100
From: mike stubbs <>
Subject: Monday 2nd october

those in london who fancy meeting up and having a drink im going to 
be down for the following programme which includes a small one of 
mine projected big on the generator wall at the tate modern (5000 

Performing Bodies

2 - 23 October 2000

Tate Modern presents four evenings of film and video projections by artists
working in the arena of performance. Each programme juxtaposes art film
classics with contemporary works.


Monday 2 October, 19.30

Body Politic

Idealisation, power, revolution and dissent - the body has provided a
potent vehicle of representation for all these ideological states, be it as
symbol of oppression or liberation. 
This programme moves from seductive yet lethal Aryan fantasies 
of physical perfection to anarchic adventures in the city.

Leni Rifenstahl, Olympia, 1938 (extract duration 11')
Carolee Schneeman, In Search of Meat Joy 1964 (extract duration 8')
Vito Acconi, Blindfold Catching 1970, Shadow Box 1970 (duration 3' and 5')
Valie Export, Homometer II 1970 (extract duration 7')
Sarah Lucas, Sausage Film 1990 (extract duration 2')
Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes me 1974 (extract duration 8')
Steve Dwoskin, Outside In 1981(extract duration 7')
Mona Hatoum, Changing Parts: Under Siege 1984 (extract duration 7')
Mara Mattuschka, Kugelkopf 1987 (duration 6')
Judth Barry, First and Third 1987 (duration 5')
Mike Stubbs/Man Act, The Sweatlodge 1991 (duration 7')
Absalon, Battle (Bataille) 1993 (duration 3')
Oleg Kulik, Reservoir Dog 1995 (extract duration 5')
Alia Syed, The Watershed 1994 (duration 7')
Vanessa Beecroft, Untitled 1996 (extract duration 4')

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