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Syndicate: opening today october 02 : pavu.com [GNou Tongs PLan] #3 - Pro-Choice Art budget regulator

dear friends and colleagues

On september 22nd, pavu.com launched 'Shower - a new degree of WHAT!' and
opened the first shop on the NELia market.

>From today october 2nd to october 17th 2000, you will have the opportunity
to vote the 2001 budgets of the FRACs (i.e Regional Fundings for
Contemporary Art) of France in Data-Heads* or in Nega Data-Heads** and thus
open the gates of the French Public Collections to online art by enabling
them to invest on the NELia market***.

You are invested in Network Art ?
Who ever you are : artist, cultural worker, director of a FRAC or wishing to
become one, or just curious, your vote has weight, your vote counts!

OPENING today october 02 at 6.00 pm GMT + 2 with IRC SPECIAL event at

------ Pro-Choice Art budget regulator : http://pavu.com/pro-choice

>From october 2nd to october 17th 2000, vote the 20001 FRAC budgets and
enable them to invest in online art!


Pro-Choice Art budget regulator :

Since 1982 in the context of an institutional decentralizing campaign
impulsed by President François Mitterrand, France - through Jack Lang who
then was Ministre de la Culture - has dotated its regions with numerous
educational and technical tools to promote Culture in the hexagon and the
DOM -TOM, according to the multipolar cultural beaming principle of which
Yves Klein had become the spokesman in his time.

Today, France can be proud of having developped a network of competences and
places in position to constitute and present to everybody Contemporary Art
Reserves which stand comparison with National Museums' collections. And this
in spite of budgetary adversity, monetary and economic crisis.
The task of collector of these Cultural Reserves falls to the FRACs (Fonds
Régionaux d'Art Contemporain) which assume their roles of decision-makers,
of managers and curators of the collected goods.
Budgets allocated to the FRACs are voted by national, regional and local
authorities and artworks are chosen by the best professionals in the field.

Tomorrow, and thanks to your vote, FRACS will be allocated Data-Heads
budgets that will enable them to invest on the NELia market and constitue
the first institutional collections ever of Informative Arts in the world.

>From october 2nd to october 17th 2000, vote the 20001 FRAC budgets and
enable them to invest in online art!

* A Data-Head = 6,96 Kilo-bytes.

**Informative Objects available in Nega Data-Heads allow their acqueror to
modulate his GNou Found Land Territory according to his personal needs of
server space or to disengage off the GNouFL territorialisation process to
get his server space back. Nega Data-Head is the guaranty of a total respect
of the GNou ethic.

***NELia market : New Eco Logic informative arts market.


IRC rendez-vous : 6.00 pm GMT+2
fast java access page : http://www.pavu.com/irc/index.html

Technical infos for IRC clients
server: irc.webmaster.com
port : 6667 or 7000
channel : #pavu

Provided Extras :  Bar, cocktails, amuses-gueules...


Thank you for your attention, thank you for your support

Wishing you the best, always

the pavu.com TEAM
paul dupouy - Chief president
jean-philippe halgand - Executive director
clement thomas - Officer general
-/ the seed is in the fruit /-


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