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Syndicate: Fw: ROOT 2000 - live and online

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:25:14 +0100
From: Dan Pinchbeck <>
Subject: ROOT 2000 - live and online

(apologies for cross posting)

ROOT 2000: tricks, pranks and interventions

The eighth international ROOT festival of live,sound and new media art.
Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd October


ROOT is an intensive weekend of intervention, performance, action,
installation, film, debate and webcasting that brings together emerging
and established artists from the UK and around the world.

ROOT explores an economy of means and immediacy of impact in all it's
incarnations, with artists, activists and initiators from across the
spectrum of media intervention, online activism and internet arts. ROOT
combines a highly contemporary political agenda with a celebration of
anarchic humour, exploring not just the interaction of art and society,
but the direct impact of interventionist work on political, social and
corporate structures.

Full listings, information on artists and projects, regular updates and
a complete festival schedule at

Live web TV and radio throughout the festival - join us live and online!

Hull Time Based Arts, 42 High Street, Hull HU11PS
t: 01482 216446    f: 01482 589952

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