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Syndicate: Radio Jeleni Tonight

Still live and going strong in the face of technical adversity!


Radio Jeleni strives to provide independent media and culture from the Czech Republic and Central Europe, and to form links between artists working here and those working abroad.

You can find us at:


TONIGHT'S PROGRAM (all times Central European Time = GMT +1)

21:00.............V myslivne.

Porad o psychologii, vesmiru a vubec.

22:00.............Indy Rock
Indie uk, '60s garage-beat and r'n'b, dark, punk-rock.

23:00.............Unstoppable Forces
Listen in on the youth culture of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Special interview with Neoèekivana Sila Koja se Iznenada Pojavljuje i Rešava Stvar (SILA)
and tracks from their new CD: "Hard to Dig It!"

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