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The 5th International Video Summit 'VideoMedeja'
December 1-3, 2000

Deadline for entries: October 15, 2000
Entry form will be sent separately.

The International video summit 'VideoMedeja' has been promoting the
works of female artists on the international cultural scene for five 
years now.
This year's 'VideoMedeja' Festival will take place in Novi Sad, from 
December 1-3, 2000. The suggested, but non-obligatory topic of the 
festival is 'Creation of Destruction'. This is one of the dominant and 
longtime present subject which occupies artists from around the globe
in terms of environment contexts. It is also a part of the everyday 
life with its diverse aspects, such as human race, animals and plants  
extinction or existence at this planet. This rises moral question, 
question of responsibility towards solving the problems of ecological
catastrophes and the integrity of human being in relation to the rules 
of the global economy and technology. With such disturbing facts any 
sensible person cannot play role of innocence. 

1. Video work
2. Video installation
3. Performance

In the official competitive selection VideoMedeja awards:
- Sphinx statuette (awards for the individual authorial achievement)
- VideoMedeja plaquette (three awards of equal rank)
- 'Bogdanka Poznanovic' Awards (to the best young author)


The 5th International Video Summit 'VideoMedeja' is generously
supported by KulturKontakt and many others.

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