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Syndicate: Franky DC >> Objects of Transfiguration >> www.eyez00m.com

Franky DC (born 1957), an artist working and living in Brussels, opens his
way to electronic art, with his eyez00m project ( http://www.eyez00m.com ),
combining the world of installation, performances with e-commerce.

>From now on (September 29),you can buy the virtual identity of an "Object
of Transfiguration" on http://www.eyez00m.com ! 5 Objects available now (4
new ones will follow next week)!
Objects were produced by Franky DC in his territory on location at the
CONTinENT new media art exhibition, Brussels. The production process of
these unique original objects was broadcasted on Internet in real time as
daily webcam performances all along the month of September. The complete
web movie archives are available on-line and show the "birth" of the
Objects of Transfiguration.

Make yourself a favor: buy now a FDC ScreenSaver (for MacOS or Windows),
virtual identity of an "Object of Transfiguration". Designed by Franky DC,
each animated ScreenSaver is marked with the name of its buyer and the date
of purchase. The FDC ScreenSavers are proposed in a limited edition of 108
numbered copies for each Object. Don't hesitate any more! Act now before
the stock runs out (or prices rise).

The physical identities of the Objects of Transfiguration, matrices of
their 108 software objects, will be on sales at the Auction Sales
performance, October 7, Brussels (16h00-19h00, Brussels2000 Centre). Mr.
Hans Theys himself will be the Auctioneer/Master of Ceremony. The
performance will be video streamed on  http://www.cafe9.net .

CONTinENT (http://www.continent-imaw.net) is coproduced by iMAL
(interactive Media Art Laboratory - http://www.imal.org) and Magic Media
(http://www.magic.be), Brussels, Media Lab / University of Art and Design,
Helsinki (http://mlab.uiah.fi), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts
Décoratifs (http://www.ensad.fr) and Université Paris 8, Hogeschool
Sint-Lukas Brussel, with Brussels2000 (http://www.brussels2000.org) and
Helsinki2000 (http://2000.hel.fi).

Yves Bernard    yb@magic.be
asbl iMAL vzw, Bruxelles/Brussel
fax: 32 2 215 44 40

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