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Syndicate: Open Circle International Artists' Workshop, Mumbai - October 1 -20, 2000

From: "shilpagupta" <>
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2000 4:43 AM
Subject: Open Circle International Workshop, Mumbai - October 1 -20, 2000


we are organising the Open Circle International Workshop here in Mumbai from
October 1-20. There is more information at and at the
end of the workshop will put up its results. Do have a look!

best, shilpa


International Artists' Workshop, MUMBAI
October 1 to 20, 2000
Daily presentations by participants and open discussions
at The View, next to Tao Art Gallery, 100 Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai 400
18.30 hrs (except on Sundays)

at National Gallery of Modern Art
auditorium, Sir C. J. Public Hall, M. G. Road, Mumbai 400 032
October 19 and 20 : 10.00 to 16.30 hrs

Workshop participants
Kiran Subbaiah, Bangalore ; Pushpamala, Bangalore
Anandjit Ray, Baroda ; Natraj Sharma, Baroda
Bharti Kher, Delhi ; Anita Dube, Delhi
Sharmila Samant, Mumbai ; Anant Joshi, Mumbai

Karma Clarke Davis, Toronto ; Jenny Jaramillo, Quito
Ade Darmawan, Jakarta ; Osnat Weiss, Tel-Aviv
Paula Santiago, Mexico City ; Folkert de Jong, Amsterdam
Aisha Khalid, Lahore ; Greg Streak, Durban

Theorist : Chaitanya Sambrani

Presentations at the seminar by
Gerardo Mosquera, Havana
Geeta Kapur, Delhi

Andrieas Botha, Durban
Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Poznan
Nalini Malani, Mumbai
Sudhir Patwardan, Mumbai

Moderator : Chaitanya Sambrani

enrollment form for the seminar available at the venue of the workshop and

Exhibition of participants works made during the workshop
October 23 to 30, 2000

Gallery Chemould
Lakeeren Art Gallery
Pundole Art Gallery
Tao Art Gallery

open circle is an artists initiative formed to provide a platform for

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