edi on Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:04:21 +0200

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Syndicate: opening of new gallery at the pyramid

The International Center of Culture (the Pyramid) in Tirana 
has the pleasure to announce the opening of its new Contemporary Art Gallery in 
its space. this is an investment realised only with funds from the center. the 
space is a beautiful 500 m2, painted black and white and shall offer new 
possibilities to art projects, especially for young albanian artists, but also 
for exchange projects with international ones. the Gallery is opening with a 
contemporary British photographer, Martin Parr, with his solo show "Home and 
Abroad". this is a project developed with the support of the British Council 
office in Tirana. next show is focusing on the work of two German artists, Jens 
Liebchen and Jorg Herold. the first one is a photographer that has produced a 
photographic series on Tirana, while the other artist has been working on a 
joint project with albanian artists on the symbol of the Bunker.
Finally there's one more beautiful space in tirana to compete 
and relief the program of the National Gallery.
best to everyone,