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Re: Syndicate: Bono and Sting

How are things in Serbia? Official news are always late...
Mari Sobolev
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> -------Lorenzo Taiuti wrote:
> > Is it true? Are quite sure?
> > Then let's have a Party!
> > A Big Web Party!
> * * *  Yeah, Milosevic is definitely over! We already have the off-line
> party. And we (we = Zadruga, the independent association of Serbian
> audio-visual artists) will make the on-line party in Amsterdam, on
> October 6, at the opening ceremony of the net.congestion festival. So,
> everybody please consider yourself invited. ;-)
> * * *  BTW, some more news and analyses from here:
> 1. The final result will be approximately 55:35 for Kostunica - so,
> there will be no need for the second round.
> 2. The Socialist Party will try to announce the second round and a
> slight advantage by Milosevic in the first round.
> 3. DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) will not respect that act by
> the socialists.
> 4. Then the socialist hawks will want to use the force - but it's pretty
> likely that they will find themselves faced with the lack of will among
> their to-date supporters to confront the very convincing majority. They
> are threatening by empty gun.
> It's really amazing how the people were motivated to tell what they
> think. That strong wish to get rid of Milosevic at last could be taken
> as the explanation how DOS managed to establish so efficacious
> electional control, which made stealing ballots almost impossible. And
> that's another Milosevic's problem: his men can't do anything else but
> announce the partial results, given from a freely chosen sample of
> voters. All they managed to fake is 18,000 ballots in Montenegro!
> There's no comfort for the socialists in their hopes that they could
> control the Federal Assembly. Maybe they could, formally - but who
> cares? All their power was lying in Milosevic's charisma, which has
> vanished in the haze after the elections. Milosevic has been heavily
> humiliated on this 24th of September, and he and his party will never
> recover psychologically. The vision of Milosevic as a ridiculous clown
> has become too contagious among Serbs. What will really kill the
> Milosevic star is his new image of a loser.
> And besides, who really needs Yugoslavia and Federal Assembly?
> * * *  Please forgive me for some emotional outbursts here. You people
> don't know how it was to live 12 years under Milosevic. Now Serbia will
> become a boring country, with changeable government (really, how
> boring!).
> Seselj's and Draskovic's parties are practically wiped out from the
> political scene (what a pity!).
> I foresee some other consequences too:
> - Yugoslavia will disappear as a name. Kostunica's Serbia will probably
> try to get rid of Montenegro. Peacefully.
> - The young Army deserters will be allowed to return to the country
> freely. Thus the Serb population in Budapest will diminish.
> - The Otpor movement will disappear or turn into a street art movement.
> - The most influential radio station in Belgrade will be Radio Index.
> Maybe there will appear B3-92 radio, but it will not be able to compete
> with Radio Index. But ANEM network of the Serbian electronic media will
> survive.
> - The Chinese immigration to Serbia will be stopped.
> - We could expect Bono Vox to hold a concert in Belgrade for young
> Serbian democracy. Also, Sting could be expected to turn his lobbying
> interests from Amazon Indians to Kosovar Serbs (it will be trendy).
> - Everybody will love Serbia, and the Serbs will be everybody's pets
> like the Croats are now.
> - Borka Pavicevic will be the minister of culture. That's another one of
> the boring prospectives.
> So, what to tell at the end?
> Milosevic is gone, and life is beautiful. But now Serbian artists will
> have to fight with the new pro-Western bureaucracy and Soros
> establishment, and they'll have to fulfill some new politically correct
> application forms when fundraising. The brave Western world will embrace
> the Serbs, but there will be some unpleasant mockers among them.
> Discover the Serbian politically incorrect artists.
> mrmr,
> Aleksandar Gubas
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