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Syndicate: Live webcast on Sept. 18: Art, Science and Free Speech: The Work of Eduardo Ka

Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 16:21:08 -0500
From: JFA <>
Subject: Live webcast on Sept. 18: Art, Science and Free Speech

Art, Science and Free Speech:  The Work of Eduardo Kac

Live Webcast on September 18, 2000:

On  September 18, 2000, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m., the Institute for Law
and the Humanities and the Institute for Science, Law and Technology
ay Chicago-Kent College of Law will host a symposium entitled "Art,
Science and Free Speech:  The Work of Eduardo Kac."  Eduardo Kac is
an assistant professor of art and technology at the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago.  The symposium will focus on one of his
well-known transgenic works, "GFP Bunny," a living bunny created with
the green flourescent protein gene of a jellyfish that glows green
when exposed to blue light.

The other panelists are Dr. Christiane Paul, curator of new media
arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and editor and
publisher of Intelligent Agent, a print and online magazine about
interactive media technology in arts and education; Dr. Stuart Newman
of the New York Medical College who applied for a patent on a process
used to make human-chimp chimeras to prevent anyone else from using
the technique; and Professor Sheldon Nahmod of Chicago-Kent, a
well-known expert on constitutional law, the First Amendment, civil
rights, and the law of Section 1983.

After the symposium Eduardo Kac will sign his new book:
"Telepresence, Biotelematics, Transgenic Art". More information on
the book is available at

The symposium is free and open to all comers.  A full description of
the program is available at  For more information
please contact Greg Kelson at (312) 906-5122 or

Gregory A. Kelson, Administrative Associate
Institute for Science, Law and Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 906-5122

For additional information on the symposium, please see a Boston
Globe article (September 17, 2000):
Alternative link:

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