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Syndicate: Join EuroVision2000 Bologna

Invitation to
EuroVision2000, Bologna 14th. till 16th. September Septenber

About the current cultural tranformations
by Pier Paolo Coro

A panel discussion focusing new cultural realities through the exchanges of
personal experiences of foreign students and immigrants living in Bologna.

The project will start with the production of short videos, "on the road" in
Bologna. During the meeting this videos will be the starting point of

Invited guests: foreign students from the University of Bologna, inhabitants
of the city.

EuroVision2000 video screening
"Economy, cities and medias"
A-Clip (13' / 1997) Innenstadtaktionen
Smontare Bagnoli (28' / l998) Collettivo Politico della Facoltà di
Architettura di Napoli
Loading animated version, (10' / 2000) Angie Waller
Talking Absolute Business - Images and Effects of Capital Market (20' /
Peter Spillmann
Global 500, (76' / 1999) Oliver Ressler
Showdown in Seattle (60' / 1999) Five days that shook the WTO
prodotto per Independent Media Center e Deep Dish TV da Big
Noise Productions, Changing America, Headwaters Action Video
Collective, Paper Tiger TV, VideoActive and Whispered Media and dozenz of
video activists.

15th. september

panel discussion and screening
by Paola di Bello

The project starts by screening of different video and film materials about
Romas as starting point of the discussions.
The aim of this project is an open discussion about the difficult reality of
the Roma's Community, one of the most problematical situation in the new
european configuration.

Invited  guests: Luca Vitone (artist, Milano), Roberto de Angeli,
 antropologist, Rome), Marco Biraghi, (architect, Milano), Doc Video: Renato
and Renato (video makers, Torino), Selvaggia Tibiletti ( representative from
Opera Rom, Bologna)

Screening, discussion, short introduction and background to the work of Doc
by Doc Video

Doc Video, two video maker from Torino, work since 10 years on social

"E questo vento mi fa male" (45'), Doc Video. italian / english subtitles.
Interviews with immigrants living in Italy.

"Cuore di rame" (30'). Doc Video. italian / english sublitles.
Story of a young Roma woman, who left the Roma comunity and tries the
integration in italian society.

"Strada della Berlia" (20'). Doc Video. italian.
The local administration of a small town near Torino tries to find a
solution and a new concept of Roma settlement. The Roma comunity and the
politicals of this town tell us about this solution.
Invited  guests:
Carlo Tagliacozzo (italian teacher for foreiners, Torino), Luca Fanelli,
Enrico Pugliese (sociologist), Giorgio Manduca), Fabrizia Bagozzi

EuroVision2000 video screening
Migrasophia (8' / 2000) by Zeigam Azizov and Yisia, London
Oltre il recinto(12 / 2000) by Susanna Perin
südreise_nordreise (20',/ 2000), by Marion von Osten and Pans Papiers
Bureau, Belgium

16th. September


A  representation   of sicilian reality
"Urphänomenon" (11' / 2000)
Sicily TCE: tourism, culture and enhancement in the works of
Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Wilhelm von Gloeden

"Ost ist Gut",
video screening by <toni corti>
<toni corti> has several members from differnt italian cities. Beside making
videos <toni corti> are organizers of various cultural events, for example
the short film festival in Padova and <(balcan) black box festival>
Some of the proposed Videos:
"Il muro nella testa" (55' - 1999) Andrea Bevilacqua, Critina De Ritis,
Andrea Segre - Roma, Italia
production RAI3
documentary about changing in every day live of citizien from est and
western Berlin in the last 10 years.

"Slobo Klintone" (9' - 1999) Pavle Cosic - Belgrad
video irony about the NATO bombardements in  Belgrad.

"What would you do to him" (12'-1999)
Slobodan Ilic - Belgrad
video interview in the streets of Belgrad about and against Milosevic

"OTPOR!" (15' - 2000)
<toni corti> - Padova,
interview with two activist of the serbian student mouvement  OTPOR!
Some of these videos will not be subtitled in english.
Invited  guests: Andrea Bevilacqua, Cristina De Ritis (Rome), Andrea Segre
(Padova / Bologna) and others.

Hairdressers Party
by Rita Canarezza in colaboration with Afro Comunication Center
Defilè, music and rappers
Invited  guests: Helen Wowo, Rosemary Presley, Joan, Evelyn, Jennifer,
D.J. Tony, Rapper Big Alexoo, Dancer Princeooo

out of program in the Cafe9 room, some videos showed as video loop or video
Polypolis project (performance by Liuba, video by Ciro d'Aniello)
a video by Ethical Bros

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