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Syndicate: Art magazin KOMOD from Russia

From: "arsusha+nasusha" <>
Subject: Fw: Art magazin KOMOD from Russia
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 05:10:35 +0400

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Dear collegues!

Art magazin "Komod" is russian cultural magazin, produced in Ekaterinburg.
The magazin edits four times a year with the tirage - 500 copies and is
distributed in russian cities (Moscow, St-petersburg, Ekaterinburg,
Novgorod etc.) and in art communities of Armenia and Kazakhstan.  

Art magazin "Komod", devoted to the problems and practice of contemporary
art, is looking for actual information about new art projects, texts on
important cultural events. As well we are ready to publish art projects in
genre "page of artist" (dimensions for "page of artist" - 27 (tall) X 20
(wide) santimeters plus 5 mm for cutting on each side of the page).

Please, send your projects in grey scale or black-and-white format "jpeg"
(resolution - 150 dpi). specially made for our magazin. The theme of the
following issue is: Beauty. Deadline - 27'th of november. The theme of our
next issue is - "infantilism" Deadline - 31'th of january.
Send your texts, "pages of artists" and other information in English,
German or Russian languages. Now we have no opportunity  to pay our
authors, but all our authors get free copy of the issue. 

Best regards, editors of cultural magazin "Komod" - 
Nailya Allakhverdieva, Arseny Sergeev  and Lena Krzhevitskaya!

ars sergeev 
[095] 3782965
10/52, fyodora poletaeva, moscow, russia, 109457

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