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Syndicate: co.operation


International Forum for Feminist Art and Theory



organized by:

ELEKTRA - Women's Art Center

Savska 1, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Tel/Fax + 385 (0) 1 48.29.415



coorganized by:

Art Workshop Lazareti

Pobijana 8, 20000 Dubrovnik

Tel. + 385 20 423 497


curator of the project:

Sanja Ivekovic



Rosana Ratkovcic



Ruzica Guljasevic


moderator of Round Table:

Bojana Pejic




is initiated by Women's Art Center – ELEKTRA an interdisciplinary art center founded in 1996 by a group of women artists, scholars and activists. ELEKTRA's main goal is to support art practice by women which challenges, explores and blurs the boundaries and hierarchies traditionally defining culture as represented by those in power.

The need to initiate The International Forum for Feminist Art and Theory is a result of the fact that in spite of the long history of feminism in Croatia there is no place which act as a permanent platform where women artists, theorists, activists and general public could meet, share their experiences, show their work and produce new ones.

co.operation would like to fill this gap with the intention of becoming a regular annual event that will provide more vivid connections and co-operations between women artists, art critics, curators, theorists and activists in the region.

Attempting to cover different fields of contemporary art theory and praxis co.operation is conceived as a program of several related segments.



The important feature of co.operation is the art residency program offering to invited artists the opportunity to produce new art works on site. This year the art productions will be organized in the medium of video.

Invited artists: Ksenija Turcic (Zagreb), Renata Poljak (Split), Kai Kaljo (Tallinn), Marilena Preda Sanc (Bucharest).

Date: September 16 – 23



Exhibition consists of a number of video and audio installations which will be shown in the old city center of Dubrovnik. Each day a new installation will be put up in a public space chosen by the artist.

Invited artists: Ivana Jelavic (Dubrovnik), Renata Poljak, Sandra Sterle (Split), Ksenija Turcic, Sanja Ivekovic (Zagreb), Danica Dakic, Maja Bajevic (Sarajevo), Milica Tomic (Belgrade).

Date: September 16 – 23

Venue: city streets of Dubrovnik



A three day video workshop will be run by artist, curator and critic Martha Wilson (New York). The workshop will be offered to young Croatian artists, independent producers or interested individuals.

Date: September 21 – 23

Place: Lazareti



The aim of the Presentations is to bring feminist theory and feminist art/media practice together in a number of lectures/presentations by women artists, art critics and curators. The presentations will give a more complex insight on a specific art scene, the women's art production, local working conditions, access to the public sphere, the history of feminism, etc.

The presentations will be held by: Natasa Ilic (Croatia), Lejla Hodzic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Agata Smalzerz (Poland), Iara Boubnova (Bulgaria), Katrin Kivimaa (Estonia), Marilena Preda Sanc (Romania), Vera Kopicl (SR Yugoslavia).

Date: September 16 – 23

Place: Gallery Otok



The artist’s presentations will offer more information on the work of invited artists:

Ksenija Turcic, Sandra Sterle, Danica Dakic, Maja Bajevic, Renata Poljak, Sanja Ivekovic, Milica Tomic, Marina Grzinic, Kai Kaljo, Martha Rosler, Andrea Fraser, Varsha Nair.

Date: September 16 – 22

Place: Gallery Otok



The basic aim of the Round Table is to take a close look at feminist cultural production in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and open the discussion about feminist strategies that will strengthen cultural co-operative work in the region. Participants of the Round Table will be encouraged to re-question the correlations between contemporary feminist theory and local/global politics, art practice and art history. co.operation has also invited prominent feminists from other parts of the world with whom we’d like to share their experiences and visions. The title of the Round Table is of(f) home. Within this theme different topics will be discussed such as identity, representation and re/definition of politics and gender, conditions of cultural production and forms of distribution, etc.

The speakers at the Round Table will be: Bojana Pejic (Berlin/Belgrade) Biljana Kasic, Leonida Kovac (Zagreb), Svetlana Slapsak (Ljubljana), Dunja Blazevic (Sarajevo), Suzana Milevska (Skopje), Branislava Andelkovic (Beograd), Silvia Eiblmayr (Innsbruck), Hedwig Saxenhuber (Vienna), Iara Boubnova (Sofia), Edit Andras (Budapest), Agata Jakubowska (Poznan), Antonia Ulrich (Berlin), Hilary Robinson (Belfast) Katy Deepwell (London) Orly Lubin (Tel Aviv), Varsha Nair (Bangkok) Martha Rosler, Andrea Fraser, Martha Wilson (New York).

Dates: September 22 – 24

Place: Lazareti, Dubrovnik



Due to the limited cultural exchange in recent years regional projects promoting the art by women have been poorly presented in Croatia.

Therefore this year co.operation will present VIDEOMEDEJA, The International Women’s Video Festival (Novi Sad). The presentation of this project will be organized in a form of a video gallery where the selection of video tapes from the festival will be offered to the public.

Curator: Vera Kopicl

Place: Lazareti, Dubrovnik

Date: September 17 – 21



The co.operation film/video program represents new documentary films and video works questioning our assumptions about gender, politics and culture.

Invited directors: Tatjana Bozic (Zagreb), Jasmila Zbanic (Sarajevo), Zemira Alajbegovic (Ljubljana), Hito Steyerl (Berlin), Marilena Preda Sanc (Bucharest), Pimpaka Towira (Bangkok), Ariella Azoulay (Tel Aviv), Galina Evtushenko (Moscow).

Dates: September 16 – 22

Time: 11.00 p.m.

Venue: Cinema Jadran



1. Presentation of the book The Body Caught in the Intestines of the Computer and Beyond/Women’s Strategies and/or Strategies by Women in Media, Art and Theory, edited by Marina Grzinic (Ljubljana), in collaboration with Adele Eisenstein (Budapest/New York/Cologne)

2. Presentation of the project go_HOME, designed to explore strategies, both personal and political for renewing communities broken by war and ethnic conflict. The project is a collaboration of three artists; Sandra Sterle (Croatia), Danica Dakic and Maja Bajevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina).

3. Presentation of the project TEXT & SUBTEXT, the exhibition of contemporary Asian women’s  art, launched in Singapore on 14th June 2000, curated by Binghui Huangfu and organized by Earl Lu Gallery.

Date: September 16, 20, 21

Venue: Gallery Otok


co.operation is supported by

Hrvatski filmski savez, FACE Croatia, OSI – Cultural Link Program, KulturKontakt Austria, Trust for Mutual Understanding, European Cultural Foundation, Mama Cash, British Council, Austrian Cultural Institute, Embassy of the State of Israel.

big thanks to

Center for Women's Studes, MAMA, sanja&mario, Russian Embassy, Andreja, City of Women, B.a.B.e., ARKZIN, Damir, Radmila, Ksenija, Sabina, Sanja, Anja, Natasa, Dubravka, Mira, Iva, Barbara, Tomislav & many others…