Derek Holzer on Tue, 5 Sep 2000 18:00:47 +0200

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Syndicate: Radio Jeleni

Radio Jeleni begins live broadcasting from Prague, Czech Republic, tonight at 21:00 Central European Time (GMT +1). We look forward to providing independent media, music and culture for both the Czech Republic and the rest of the world, as well as to forming connections between groups and individuals involved in media and the arts here and abroad. Radio Jeleni will broadcast in RealAudio format every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 21-24:00 CET.

During the month of September, we will also have the pleasure of broadcasting the Eurovision 2000 conference and other events at Cafe 9, and of providing a dedicated MP3 audio stream to the Independent Media Center during the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Conference here in Prague.
Tonight's program look a little bit like this:

21:00.............V myslivne.

Porad o psychologii, vesmiru a vubec.

22:00.............Indy Rock

Indie uk, '60s garage-beat and r'n'b, dark, punk-rock.

23:00.............DJ Mix : Astro-Dub

Secret in-house DJ plays super-spooky ghost-town dub...
Tune in at:
For more info on  Cafe 9 and Eurovision, try:
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