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Syndicate: Re: Big hello from Gigi-the artist!!!

Hi artist, your message bounced because you were not yet subscribed to the 
You can regularly check the event list on the syndicate site 
( In front of some of the future events you will see 
the icon CALL, there you find concourses, festivals etc. you can apply 
for/jparticipate in.
Also: note that this is a list specialised in media-art, and not fine art 
in general.
Good luck
arthur (list administrator of the Syndicate).

Dear sirs,
I am Zeljka Jovic from Banjaluka(Bosnien and
I finished the sholle of fine arts in Novi Sad,
sculpture and fotografy.I am not werry good in writing
english bicouse I never learnd,and pleace try to
anderstand me.If you know german leangrig it will be
much isier for me to write you.
I gat this mailing list of yours and I will be wery
happy to hear about some councurses of art.So pleace
If you know something about it sent me.
 I finishd the scole of fine art and my interesting is
 about this councurses to sant my work and apley.
Love gigiblue
P.S.Pleace don'n be so heard with my speling in

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