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Syndicate: Fw: Audios looking for gigs

Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 09:32:47 -0600
From: Maubrey and Rosenthal <>
Subject: Audios looking for gigs

Dear friends and colleagues:

Please note that the Audio Gruppe will be on tour in North America from
mid-April to mid-June 2001, the trip will be partially sponsored by the
Institut -USA.

We will be presenting the Audio Ballerinas, as well as Audio Geishas and

Bong Boys performances (a mixture of indoor and outdoor fare).
At the same time we will be ready to present our new "audio theater"
piece called PHONOMANIACS (a sound-art version of Euripides' Bacchae)
which has been selected by the Berlin  Dock 11 Theater to be part of
their next year's repertoire.
The corner dates are an invitation from the Boston CyberArts festival
for the opening of their city-wide festival on April 20 and 21 and a
strong interest from the New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas in
We are currently seeking additional possibilities for street and indoor
events, solo and duo shows in clubs, workshops etc.. Favored time would
be May.

please check out the web site and following infos,
otherwise feel free to contact me for further information (papers,
catalos, videos)
Benoit Maubrey
or with sound:

Benoît Maubrey is the director of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based art
group that build and perform with electronic clothes (past examples:

are electro-acoustic clothes and dresses that make sounds by
interacting with their environment: they use -- among other electronic
instruments-- mini-computers ( 257 K digital Memories) to sample sounds
and voices around us, then change them (loop, pitch, volume) using
light and heat sensors (as triggers, but sometimes also for sound),
receivers, and amplifiers. Rechargeable batteries allow them to operate
in any space. Die Audio Gruppe?s work is essentially site-specific,
these clothes in effect react to the space around them using movement
and sound. Often the electronics is adapted into entirely new ?Audio
Uniforms? that reflectlocal costumes, suits, or worker clothes.
Basically Die Audio Gruppe creates site-specific mobile and
multi-acoustic sculptures in public spaces.

Documentaion available -- catalogs, videos, photos, CDs.

the events we produce depend on the site, here is a listing of possible
1.  THE LINE . 15  minutes.
Fromthe street to central room.
Audio Ballerinas with electronic rakes and Walkman sound (HP Kuhn).
2. Digital Memory. (20 minutes)
Audio Ballerinas with  audio tutus  and digital sampler (257K)and
player . Light-triggered pitch and sampling  controls.
3. The Electronic Guy.  (10  minutes)
Electronic Tuxedo  with electronic Guitar and Audio Backdrop.
4.  AUDIO  GEISHAS  (15 minutes)
 Performers wearing Audio Kimonos  with light-triggered Casio Voicemans
and stroboscope lighting effect.
5.  INFRARED . Audio Backpack box  with light and infra-red sensors.
6. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. (10 minutes).
Music box player (Audio Ballerina)  and FEEDBACK FRED (performer with
big loudspeaker box strapped to his back and feedback mask).
7. BLÃ?MCHEN. (8 minutes)
 Audio Ballerinas with photo-resistor sensors  and group choreography.
8. RADIO Procession. (15-30 MINUTES)
Audio Ballerinas procession through crowd (radio receivers and
solar-powered white noise).
9. FEEDBACK FRIEDA (15 minutes)
Audio Ballerina  with feedback costume and wireless microphone
interacting with PA system.
10. BONG BOYS (45 minutes)
10  performers in tuxedo jackets (no visible electronics ) wearing
loudspeaker corsets with the sound of a very  loud "bong".
The performers  ?work? a crowd at a busy pedestrian zone by
?accidentally? bumping into various objects or persons  with their
head  or shoulder (a pole, pillar, streetlight, or  a passersby
shoulder), when they hit this object they trigger a loud  "bong". This
continues over an area until all 10 climax together by  "bonging"
alltogether  in a group choreography.  For this performance it is
possible to work with additional local performing artists.

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