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Syndicate: Invitation EuroVision2000 Prag

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Eurovision2000 is an independent project of thematic events,
communication and exchange, initiated by the Zurich based artists
Peter Spillmann (Prague program), Susanna Perin (Bologna program),
Marion von Osten (Brussels program). The aim of EuroVision2000 is a
critical examination of current forms of exclusion processes, related
to the formulation of national or EUropean identities, before the
background of capital globalisation processes. EuroVision2000
established an independent and critical video program, as well as
presentations and panel discussions in Prague 7.9. - 14.9.), Bologna
(14.9. - 16.9.) and Brussels (22.9. - 24.9.) and video screenings in
other cities.

During the month of September several events are planned for the
Cafe9 venues focusing on the reconfiguration of  Europe, the concept
of "European identity" and related issues. A video and film program,
as well as presentations and panel discussions take place. Part of
the program will be live videostreamed  to partner venues and will be
later made available on the internet.

Program EuroVision2000 Praha, 7.9. - 14.9.
at Roxy / NoD, Dlouhá 33, Praha

Organized in collaboration with The Center for Contemporary Art
Prague and Pantograph Networking Project (Jennifer deFelice, Milos
Vojtechovsky, Dana Recmanova) Jeffrey Brown, Monica Braine, Tamara

Thursday 7.9.2000
The "New Europe"? Whose Europe is this anyway?

With the end of the 90's and ten years after the turnover in Central
and Eastern Europe, New Europe is not a concept but a political,
social, and cultural reality with obviously contradictory outcomes.
The transformation of Europe since 1989 has been economically
motivated, under the context of a neo-liberalistic approach to

European or national identities were historically formed by claiming
cultural differences. The current reconfiguration of the European
Union, the extension of EU towards East and Southeast causes new
borders, new exclusions of people and territories. While the joining
nations try to protect or increase their benefit, the countries
"around" Europe, the East and South experience heavy consequences for
economic and personal lives. What does not comply with the idea of an
economically innovative, flexible and "efficient" Europe is
increasingly being devalued and excluded. Inside "fortress Europe"
the exclusivity creates "Migration problems" as well as raise of
racism. Is the EU- normalization model the end of other visions of a
trans-national, cultural or social concept of Europe?

Video program

Discussion about new borders, the concept of an EU-European or
national identity and the contradictions between economical and
cultural patterns of society.

Participants: representative from Roma organization (Ivan Vesels),
Jayce Salloum (Canada), Milos Vojtechovsky (Praha), Alena Wagnerova
(Saarbrücken), Zeigam Azizov (London), Yisia Lee (London), Vít
Janesek (Praha), Karel Vachek (Praha), Jan Gogola jr.( (Praha), Tomás
Zmeskal (Praha), Pavel Hlavats (Praha), Tomás Skrdlant (Praha),
Abdulah Dahrouch (France, Maroko), Hillary Binder (USA-Tábor) and

Friday 8.9.2000
Urban transformations and cultural transitions

The changes since 1989 are characterized by deregulation of economic
structures, privatization of public spaces and the introduction of
the principles of free market into social and cultural fields. This
process is most evident in countries which are in the position to
enter EU soon, impacting on the urban and natural environment and on
social conditions. On a more personal level the need to assimilate
specific behavior and lifestyle introduce new dimensions of
competition into social relations. Reports from different cities,
about past or ongoing actions, personal experiences and observations
will reflect the various ongoing, social and economic transformations
and frame there real and symbolical effects.

informal meeting and presentations: Urban Visuality after socialism
(Vesselina Penevska, Sofia), Micro dynamics of Transition (Doina
Petrescu, Paris), Presentation (Dobrinka Valkova), Presentation
Innenstadtaktionen (Berlin), Císasovsks (Praha), Prague Miserable
(Negativ, Prague),  Broumov Region Website (Jakub Deml, Irena
Seznísková) and others

Video program:

Discussion about urban transformations, new social environment,
ecological crisis and consequences for personal experiences.

Participants: Richard Jung (Kutná Hora), Jan Beranek (Praha), Ludvik
Hlavacek (Prague), Innenstadtaktion (Berlin), Jochen Becker (Berlin),
Doina Petrescu (Paris), John Tylo (Linz), Vesselina Penevska (Sofia),
Dobrinka Valkova (Sofia), Pavel Pisos (Broumov), Pavel Hlavaty
(Prague), Marion von Osten (Zurich/Berlin), Mirek and Iva Vodrazka
(Prague), Marie Haisova (Prague) and others

Saturday 9.9.2000
Media Effects

The power over bandwidth and viewer numbers often substitute
traditional political discussions and processes. The privatization of
mass media and the growing influence of Business over the Internet
has a substantial impact on the representation or non-representation
of certain social and political realities. Critical or so called "non
attractive" content can hardly be sold and therefor disappear from
public consciousness. New independent media strategies have to be
developed to give voice to under-represented ideas and to create new
approaches to public.

informal meeting and presentations: Presentation (Jeta Xharra),
Presentation (Mina Vuletic, Belgrad), Presentation (Vanja Nikolic,
Zagreb), Alexandru Patatics (Bucarest), Sandor Antik (Bucarest) and

Video program

Discussion about the representation of social and political realities
in commercialized an independent media with Micz Flor (Berlin), Pavel
Klusák (Prague), Avdei Ter Onanian (Moskow), Brad DeLange/Gerard
Wheelan (Praha), Vanja Nikolic (Zagreb), imc (Praha), Keiko Sei
(Prague), Jeremy Drucker (Prague), Jeta Xharra (Pristina), Mina
Vuletic (Belgrad), Derek Holzer (Praha), Michael Bielicky (Praha),
Tomás Ruller (Brno), Robert Horwitz (Praha), Ondrej Neff (Praha),
Antonin Kosík (Praha), Chris Hill (USA), Petra Jedlickova (Praha),
Jeffrey Brown (Praha) and others

Tuesday12.9. to Thursday 14.9.2000
IMF meeting and Anti-Globalisation

On September 26 the IMF meeting in Prague will take place. Resistance
against global rules like WTO, IMF and Worldbank is constantly
growing, because of the successful actions of a global network of
political, ecological and socially engaged NGO's, grass roots
organizations and individual activists. The growing lack of
traditional public forms of responsibility and solidarity forces new
forms of political activism and social and ecological engagement.
EuroVision2000 gives space to various critical cultural projects and
activists who are concerned about the increasing ideological
structures of the ?old" and ?new" economy and the totalitarian role
which the representative institutions play in the globalisation

every day public forum from 14 - 17h
informal meetings, presentations, discussions, actions and screenings
about global and local political and ecological activism
and Presentations: INPEG (Prague), imc Praha, Allan Sekula (NY)

Tuesday 12.9.2000
18 -20h
?Absolute talking business"
Video program about new labour and advanced capitalism

Wednesday 13.9.2000
18 -20h
?Free circulation not for capital only"
Videoprogram about migration

Thursday 14.9.2000
18 -20h
?Breaking the bank"
Video program about Seattle and the Anti-WTO movement

every day actions, interventions in Prague: (Ex)change (Douglas
Parsons and Petr Bakalar), traces of time (Krystof&Bohuslav Blazek,
Prague), Dear Bill Gates (Allan Sekula) and others

video program:
beauty and the east (Jayce Salloum), Nove Hranice - New Borders
(Jenny Perlin), Eichsfeld: Landscape, Ideology and Boredome (Jenny
Perlin and Trebor Scholz), Globalisation (Tomás Skrdlant) , Bohemia
Docta (Karel Vachek) , Nonstop (Jan Gogola.jr ), Houba (Vit Jane_ek),
The Dark Side of the World Petra (Procházková, Jaromír Ststina, Pavel
Hanus and others), Smontare Bagnoli (colletivo politico Napoli),
Migrasophia - my digital book (Zeigam Azizov / Yisia), Il muro nella
testa (Andrea Bevilacqua, Critina De Ritis, Andrea Segre), A-Clip
(Innenstadtaktion), Sicily: Tourism, Culture and Enhancement - in the
works of J.W.Goethe and W. von Gloeden (Ethical. Bros.), The Eyes of
History (InterSpace Media Lab, marksearch, The Museum of the History
of Sofia), Some Trainrides and Walks in a Foreign Country (John Tylo
and Roland von der Aist), Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and
the Media (Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick), Drill Instructor. Captain
Full Metal Jack (Jochen Becker/Jesko Fezerin), Waiting for Tear Gas
(Allan Sekula), Breaking the bank (Paper Tiger TV), Showdown in
Seattle (Paper Tiger TV), absolute talking business (Peter
Spillmann), RTMark Promotion Video, Collateral damage (Gary Dempsey
and Aaron Lukas with Jeffrey Brown and Tomas Valasek), The Clobal 500
(Oliver Ressler), Loading Animated Version (Angie Waller), Ost ist
Gut (videocollection curated by toni corti), nordreise_südreise
(Marion von Osten + sans papiers Belgium), en vie (Manuel Poutte),
Beyond the fencing (Susanna Perin) and others

EuroVision2000 is supported by: Cafe9. net, ProHelvetia Zurich,
Bucharest, Sofia, Austrian Cultural Institute, Canadian Embassy
Prague, APEXchanges, European Cultural Foundation, SCARP, OSF,
Partners of cafe9: Linhart Foundation, NoD, Ecconect, C.A.M.P. MDLF,
Gesto. Telecom, People in Need Foundation, Negativ Production, etc.

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