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Transasia and Yves Delacour are maintaining their lawsuit against Leonardo.

An update of the case, and the wider issues envolved, will be presented
by Annick Bureaud at Ars Electronica, within the openX-electrolobby
framework that will take place at the Brucknerhaus.

The presentation is scheduled on Thursday 7th (time and room will be
available at the Brucknerhaus, in the programme of the Net-inspired
digital Culture & Life style / openX â?? electrolobby).

Annick Bureaud will be in Linz the whole week of the Ars Electronica
Festival. Would you wish to contact her, she will be staying at Hotel
Ibis (tel : 732/69 401)

* Ars Electronica Festival web site : 
For those who can't access this page because their provider
automatically censors the word "sex," Ars Electronica has set up the
following alternative URL:

* Info on the Leonardo lawsuit can be reached at :

Annick Bureaud (
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