monika glahn on Mon, 28 Aug 2000 00:09:24 +0200

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Syndicate: Re: syndicate: Welcome to the new Syndicate!i


> our new provider is Berlin-based <> - big
hanks tom hexpo.
> thanks to Willi Schaefer and Robert Fuerst who created the new Syndicate
O.k. We are on the stream from Pekarna im Maribor. We like you in
providing such a good example What's next? 

> list on a sunn

y Sunday afternoon -- I / we owe them a beer for each

> subscriber ;)

> To contribue to the Syndicate list, send mail to
Here I go.


> 	or


> Un-/subscribe information follows as soon as I know how it works ;)
Of course.

> Greetings from a sunny Berlin,
Hope you'd like it Inke.

Best on your rest,

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