Inke Arns on Fri, 25 Aug 2000 17:05:19 +0200

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Syndicate update 1.0

Dear Syndicate subscribers,

the Syndicate mailing list has not been functioning since 21 August 2000
7:57 a.m., i.e. for four days now. I am contacting you only now via bcc
because I was away from my latest Syndicate "who" list which dates of 10
August 2000. The people at the Ars Electronica Center said that the problem
is that they updated Sendmail on their machines (and Syndicate is running
on And now they're completely stressed out because of the upcoming
Ars Electronica Festival. They said that they will only be able to fix the
bug "when they will have time again". Which means that this can easily take
another week or two.

I do not know what to do right now.

Oh, by the way, I am looking for somebody to replace me as Syndicate admin
-- I have been doing this for some years now and am kind of tired ;)  --
the job is great fun, allows you to learn more about software and puts you
in contact with a lot of people.

Greetings to everybody,
Inke Arns

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