Inke Arns on Thu, 31 Aug 2000 15:40:05 +0200

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Syndicate: list admin stuff

Dear Syndicalists,

as it seems the Syndicate list is back to normal again. We should
therefore stick to this list. We can use the list on as a
security backup if needed. I will regularly check the subscribers list on, and in case we have to move over to, we'll just use
the actual who list.


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Inke Arns

PS: I am still looking for somebody to replace me concerning the list admin
stuff. Is there nobody who wants to take over this "job"? One basically has
to ensure that the communication on the list functions smoothly. One takes
care of (some) un-/subscription requests, one forwards bounced messages
according to whether messages fit into the Syndicate interest, and one
finds quick and good solutions when the list is down because of unfriendly
external attacks or because of stressed sysops at ;)


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