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Syndicate: new ANAT director



Julianne Pierce

>From August 28th Julianne Pierce will commence her position as Executive
Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) is Australia's key
national arts organisation linking the arts, science and technology. ANAT
aims to develop and promote innovative contemporary art which has as its
principle component the use and exploration of technology.

Julianne brings to ANAT valuable experience in arts management across
diverse areas including visual and performing arts, events management and
independent curatorial projects. For almost twenty years Julianne has worked
within the Australian cultural sector as a Producer, Administrator, Curator
and Project Manager.

Julianne has a first hand understanding of and involvement with Australian
and International Art and technology culture.  An initiator of the computer
artists' collective VNS Matrix, Julianne is especially committed to
promoting and supporting the work of Australian artists working with

Julianne comes to ANAT at an exciting time, with the organisation in a very
strong position thanks to its national board of management and the vision of
the previous director Amanda McDonald Crowley. ANAT is funded by the new
media arts fund of the Australia Council, and also receives support from
various national bodies. Julianne aims to build further support for ANAT,
and to develop collaborative partnerships with a range of organisations in
both private and government sectors.

The staff and Board of ANAT look forward to working with Julianne and
congratulate her on her appointment!

For further information please contact:
Hope Lovelock Deane, Interim Administrator,
Australian Network for Art & Technology
tel: 08 8231 9037  email:    fax: 08 82117323

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