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Syndicate: Urban Cycles Project - 1st ANNOUNCEMENT

Dear Syndicalists, 
Below is the first announcement of the up-coming presentation of the "Urban Cycles" project, which will take place between 15-24 September at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia. 
In the second announcement, due in the beginning of September, we will 
announce the exhibition program with participating artists and works. 

Public Video Installation Project
15-24 September 2000
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

A collaborative project between InterSpace Media Arts Center, Sofia, BG and IDEA - Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts, Manchester, UK 

With the kind support of British Council, Sofia; Soros Center for the Arts, Sofia; National Palace of Culture, Sofia; Irbis, 3M, Bulgaria, Huddersfield University, UK; Liverpool Arts School and Liverpool John Moores University,UK 

The project presents the artists with a common platform for creation and exposition of individual works ? multiple-screen video installation, placed/integrated within the urban environment. 
Art defined as artist-audience communication mediated by technology. 
Technology defined as humanized environment for artistic experiments and freedom of expression.
Every artist shows his/her work, created for the project as a one-day show in the frame of public presentation. The target audience is the flow of people coming into the National Palace of Culture, Sofia during the run-time of the works. 

The general idea of the project is to make artistic experiments happen in a public space, which create interactivity (or feedback) from the audience, changing their status from viewers to direct participants and creators of the work of art. In this way the artist explores and uses interactivity as a basic principle for the creation of the work. Interactivity is the means and the manner of presentation of the work in a non-linear chronology, through more complex stages of visualisation, manipulated by a navigation system. 
The real time and space interactivity, which the project is aiming at, starts with the viewer's entering in the public space occupied by the projection platforms. Thus the viewer is presented with the possibility to see and participate in the composing of the product. It changes by a navigation system, connected with sensors, reacting to the visitor?s behaviour in this environment. All this renders an unexpected aspect to the contact artist/audience. 

The interface is made up by four projections on the floor, on which multiplied, simultaneously happening events are projected, and which shape the entire event. This is the way this work gets its form of a composition of fragments, scenes, moments constructing its reality, not necessarily telling a smooth running story based on a brilliant cause-and-effect logic. In this case a more complex visual mechanism of conveying the author's message is sought. 

Taking the building of the NPC as a well-known public space, the visitor is drawn into a changed environment, which provokes his/her interest, creates different emotions and sensations, and also confusion in his/her notions for presence in real/illusionary environment, time and history. 
The participation of artists from different countries, each one having his/her own artistic identity, certainly contribute to the variety of messages and the intensive use of the public space where the project will take place. 

Curator: Galina Dimitrova /Interspace/ 
Participating Artists: 
Interspace - Krassimir Treziev, Petko Dourmana, Nikolay Chakarov, Maria Berova
IDEA - Jen Southern, Anneke Pettican, Adele Myers, Jenna Collins, Steve Symons, Gary Peploe 

More information: 


Galina Dimitrova 
Interspace Media Arts Center  
13 Hadzhi Dimitar str., ent. B 
Sofia Bulgaria 
tel: + 359 /2/ 989 70 23

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