murin.michal on Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:19:41 +0200

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:05:24 +0200

Dear artists, theoreticians, curators

I am sending you the invitation to the project


one night
from October 6 to October 30, 2000
in Bratislava

If you are not interested in the project I apologize for bothering you and I
would appreciate if you sent it on to those who you think might be
interested.  At the same time I will be happy to receive any feedback at

In case you find this project worthwhile, I am looking forward to receiving
your reply.

Michal Murin's project
is part of the annual exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art,
Bratislava, Slovakia


For the entire exhibition, four flats have been made available, all next to
each other on the same floor.  Combined they contain eleven rooms, all
stripped of furniture and uninhabited; objects, exhibits etc. will be 
installed here.  13 Slovak authors will take part in the exhibition.  One
room (including bathroom) is available for the project ART IN RESIDENCE -
TRAVEL AGENCY, in which you can participate as well.

The exhibition will be open daily: from October 6 through October 30, 2000,
from 12 to 7 pm.

The venue: Franti¹kánske námestie (Franti¹kánske Square) no. 3, fourth floor
(marked no. 3 in Slovakia), Bratislava, Slovakia

The project will be fulfilled on two levels:

1) Mental presence

*	All your emails received by the address in
response to this project (a text, a picture, a drawing, a web link) will be
exhibited in the gallery rooms.
*	It will be appreciated if a CC copy of any further forwarding of
this email message (using your address book in the spirit of the I LOVE YOU
bug) will be sent to the address as well.

2) Physical presence

Are you on your way from Prague to Budapest, from Krakow to Vienna, from
Ljubljana to Warsaw, or are you visiting Vienna, Budapest, Brno or Prague in
a time that coincides with the time span of the project?  Stay for one night
in Bratislava where you are offered Bed & Dinner (both free) under the
following conditions:

*	Announce the day of your arrival to reserve a time slot for your
presentation and overnight stay in Bratislava, by posting a message to

Please provide the following data: Name, brief curriculum vitae, email
address, personal webpages, day of arrival.

*	For a specified day reservation can only be made for one individual
or one couple.
*	The arrival is possible on any day, between 12 and 5.30 pm to the
exhibition rooms at Franti¹kánske námestie (Square) 3, poschodie (floor) 3,
in the very center of the historical downtown Bratislava.
*	Perform a presentation of your work, your curatorial project, your
art organization, etc., at 6 pm.  Make use of a VCR, a slide projector or a
CD player.
*	Dinner at 7.30 pm.
*	You may decide to stay over the night in the gallery.
*	You may leave a trace of your presence behind so that it becomes
part of  the exhibition.
*	Available are: two beds, chairs, a table, a toilet, a VCR, a CD
player, a slide projector -- that is, minimal technical props.

To recap: having received from us an email confirmation of the date your
arrival, you may come to Bratislava, present your work at 6 in the evening,
and spend the night in the gallery rooms which will be appropriately
conditioned.  You will be invited to dinner after giving the presentation.

The Slovak art scene has been open for over ten years (since 1990), but
during this time no venue has been found to provide young artists room for
presenting their projects on a continual and independent basis.  Nomading 
artists still have no place to stay in Slovakia and this deprives young
Slovak artists from the reciprocal option of taking part in international
symposiums, presentations and communications.

The project ART IN RESIDENCE TRAVEL AGENCY is a means of crossing the
barrier, of opening up communication and of self-advertising art projects.
The aim is not the setting up of one installation or one performance.  The
aim is, on the one hand, to create an email database of artists that share
related attitudes; to give these artists an opportunity to introduce
themselves, if not in person then via email and the web, and to exhibit
their email communication.  After the project is over we intend to make the
email box generally accessible by publishing its password.

On the other hand, the artists visiting Bratislava will communicate directly
with the Slovak art environment, and be given tools to do that, besides
getting a feel of the Slovak city life.  In addition their presence and the
resentation of their work will be publicized in the local media.

We are looking forward to your participation, your written submissions,
communication or any suggestions.

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