Anna Balint on Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:07:32 +0200 (CEST)

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Syndicate: re: andrej tisma

Andrej Tisma <aart@EUnet.yu> írta:
> European artists could work better in Novi Sad, Serbia - 
we have THREE
> bridges destroyed!> dear Andrej,
definitely for instance Gordana Andelic Galic has a lot do 
do, she has 
since there are so many divided cities. She has to sew 
together Belfast,
Jerusalem... Sometimes she also could separate the people, 
better for them...
I think she would be glad to sew together the Danube 
in Novi Sad, if you organize such an event. 
(Recently people in Austria eg. in Krems ad Donau realized
that some Romanian ships were stucked in the harbor because
of the war in Yougoslavia. They survived without papers, 
without any income or provisions. That passed unnoticed for
one year. Maybe if the bridges at least would be taken out 
from the water, they could at least go home.)
Anna Balint

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