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Syndicate: Tune in for a S U P E R C H A N N E L broadcast this Sunday 20th Augus

Title: Tune in for a S U P E R C H A N N E L broadcast
this S

This Sunday there will be a live internet
broadcast from Coronation Court tower block in Liverpool at 11.30 am

Coronation Court is the oldest tower block in Liverpool, the
tenants are
currently running one of seven Superchannels across the world,
producing and
participating in their own live internet broadcasts from the
block owned by the Liverpool Housing Action Trust.

The broadcast will bring you news and views from the scene of
the demolition of three nearby 22 storey tower blocks in Storrington,

Coronation Court will have one of the best views of the
demolition, so don't miss out on your chance to witness the
explosions and emotions of this exciting event....!

Not only can you log on to witness the live demolition of the
blocks at 11.30 am, but you will also be able to participate in a
post event interview with executives of the Housing Action Trust at

You will need to download the free Realplayer
<www.realplayer.org> to watch the broadcast and participate in
the on-line chat.

To join the broadcast go to www.superchannel.org

Look forward to chatting with you on Sunday!!!!!

Please email <SuperCourt@SuperChannel.org> if you wish to
receive regular bulletins about future Coronation Court

Sheindal Cohen

Projects Assistant
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)
Bluecoat Chambers
School Lane
L1 3BX
tel:(0151) 709 2663
fax:(0151) 707 2150