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Syndicate: "Cultural Production in the Media Matrix" Thursday, August 17 (8pm EST)

"Cultural Production in the Media Matrix"

Thursday, August 17 (8pm EST)
Live webcast:

8-9pm Thurs Aug 17
55 W.13 St (9fl) Between 5th and 6th Ave.
(Center for New Design @Parsons School of Design / the New School

((jihui presents: A evening with two artists and one curator
-a joined program with Alternative Museum's tam monitor "electrolounge":
chats + presentations))

((Tune in or stop by))

GH Hovagimyan
Ricardo Dominguez
moderated by Cristine Wang

formal presentation and interview will be followed by roundtable

GH Hovagimyan will do a demonstration of his new digital sound
installation entitled "cocktail party", utilising text to speech and voice
recognition software; as well as his latest proposal for verbal 3 to be 
performed at
the kitchen forthcoming in september. he will also discuss early performative
work w/ rap and "cut" works dealing w/ architecture, light and perception
with gordon matta-clark.

G.H. Hovagimyan is a varied media artist working with digital sound 
environments + technology, his most recent project, "SoaPOPera for Laptops" 
w/ Peter Sinclair is part of a major exhibition at the Musee D'art 
Contemporain in Lyon, France, & has also appeared at Arts Electronica, Linz 
Austria. GH's work
has also been published in the Art Press (France) special edition #19 titled 
"Techno anatomie des cultures Electronique".

Ricardo Dominguez will present an early film work with Critical Art Ensemble,
a video about's network battle with etoy(s).com by rtmark with a 
guest appearance by Ricardo, and the 1997 video on *Freeing the Media*by 
sub-commandante Marcos of the EZLN, Chiapas, Mexico.

Ricardo Dominguez is a co-founder of The Electronic Disturbance Theater
(EDT),  a group who developed Virtual-Sit In technologies in 1998 in 
solidarity with the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico. He is Senior 
Editor of The Thing ( A Fake_Fakeshop Worker 
(, a hybrid performance group, who presented at the Whitney 
Biennial 2000. Ricardo has also collaborated on a number of international 
net_art projects: with Francesca da Rimini on Dollspace
(, the Aphanisis Project with Diane Ludin. He also 
presented EDTâ??s SWARM action at Ars Electronicaâ??s InfoWar Festival in 1998 
(Linz, Austria). A former member of Critical Art Ensemble (1987 to 1994 
developers of the theory of Electronic Civil Disobedience).  His first 
digital zapatismo project was in 1996 â?? 97, a three month RealVideo/Audio 
network project: Rabinal Achi/ZapatistaPortAction at (MIT) with Ron Rocco. 
His essays have appeared on Ctheory ( and recently an article 
in â??Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas,â?? (Routledge, 2000), 
edited by Coco Fusco. He edited the forthcoming book for EDT
*Hacktivism:network_art_activism* to be published by Autonomedia Press.

The Thing

Cristine Wang is a New Media Curator, Editor and Director of New Media
initiatives at The Alternative Museum. She is Editor of the Electronic 
Journal on Contemporary Art, TAM MONITOR. Her next curatorial effort 
"Dystopia and Identity"
will be featuring works by international artists working with digital media 
to be
forthcoming at Tribes Gallery, NYC in December 2000 and will include 
conceptual artist Mike Bidlo, Jenny Holzer, Mark Lombardi, Roxy Paine the 
video artist Zhang Peili, among others.

Netart Initiative is a loosely knit, open source based, hub styled,
forum oriented, action enabled consortium, where people meet, virtually
and bodily, to communicate, exchange, and discourse for advancing the
understanding of a virtual art, a networked art and an art that is
pervasive and ubiquitous in the years to come.

jihui is a project of Netart Initiative, a meeting point for
enthusiasts. jihui invites everybody who has something to say or do, to
send their goodies for public consumption for the 15 minutes (maybe an
hour) of fame we're all entitled to.
visit @  check under "ToBeIstoDo" and plan your
next exposure now.

jihui is sponsored by  Center for New Design, the Digital Design
Department @ Parsons School of Design, a division of New School


reception and dinner will follow the presentations and roundtable


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