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Syndicate: International Festival for Architecture in Video

Universita' degli Studi di Firenze
Facolta' di Architettura 
Dipartimento di Processi e Metodi della Produzione Edilizia 

5th. International Festival for Architecture in Video

Florence 30 November / 3 December 2000


The 5th International Festival for Architecture in Video in Florence will
run from 30th of November till 3rd of December 2000. This exhibition is
promoted by University of Florence, DPMPE, realised by iMage.

The Festival of Florence is one of the most important exhibition devoted to
the communication of architecture with video, film and New Media.
Presentation of the most recent works of architects and students,
reflection on the utilisation of audio-visual means and information
technologies for architecture, research  of  their didactic applications,
discussion of  emerging theories are among its first aims.

The 5th International Festival for Architecture in Video, realised as in
the previous years with the patronage of Regione Toscana, Provincia of
Florence, Provincia of Prato, Comune of Pistoia and Comune of Florence,
continues the program extending the survey to very interesting and actual
themes, gathering in Florence the international consideration for new
technologies in communication of architecture.


The 5th International Festival for Architecture in Video central theme is
projects of urban transformations. The Festival will emphasise the role of
architecture in redefinition of spaces and the development of new
strategies for reconstruction and/or urban improvement. Italian and
international architects will provide, by means of dynamic elaboration, an
actual interpretation of the most recent projects for the future of cities.


The attendance is open to authors and/or producers -designers, students,
researchers in architecture, builders, distributors of products and systems
for the building branch- of videos and digital media regarding projects or
architectural realisations, researches and studies about the contemporary
city and its architecture; they can also concern the process of production,
the materials and components of building trade.

We welcome works whose content is related to recent projects, realisations
and researches, with no limit of length, divided according to the following
> videos and films about architecture: works that present, analyse and
support researches for architecture;
> videos by students: works realised by Italian and foreign students in
> video by architects: works realised by or for professionals or
professional studies of architecture;
> industrial videos: technical documentaries and promotional videos
concerning the production process, products and innovating building systems;
> works of technical information: works in CD ROM or in the Internet.

Special attention will be paid to all the material concerning the central
theme of the Festival - the future and the city.

The participants have to send their works not after September, 30th 2000 to
the following address:

International Festival for Architecture in Video
IMAGE, via Scipione Ammirato 82
50136 Firenze
tel +39 055 666316
fax +39 055 6241253

The attendance is free. All the works must be accompanied by an attendance
card (in paper or digital format) indicating:
> the category of the work;
> an introducing text about the work (about 250 words) and three
representative images;
> a brief biographical note about the authors (about 250 words);
> technical notes concerning the technologies used.

The participants will be selected by a committee of designers, architects,
directors, sociologist and specialists in new technologies for
communication. The works selected for the exhibition will be included in
the catalogue of the 5th Festival for Architecture in Video. The material
will be not given back.

The 5th International Festival for Architecture in Video is a project of
PMPE, University of Florence, is under the patronage of Regione Toscana,
Provincia of Florence, Provincia of Prato, Comune of Pistoia and Comune of

> Scientific committee: Cosimo Carlo Buccolieri (co-ordinator),
Giandomenico Amendola, Romano Del Nord, Alberto Di Cintio, Italo Moscati,
Peppino Ortoleva, Carlo Terpolilli

> Co-ordinator: Marco Brizzi
> Sustainable technologies: Giovanni Galanti
> Technological Aesthetics: Marcello Pecchioli
> Exposition design: Germana De Michelis, Marzia Mazzi, Stefano Combet,
Franco Filippini, Raffaella Sacchetti
> Italian press: Lorenza Berengo
> Media and International press: Luca Marchetti
> Graphics: VISTA srl
> Web Design: Raffaella Sacchetti
> Organisation: iMage

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