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Syndicate: New Art Gallery in Quito/Ecuador

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 20:35:54 -0500
From: Damian Toro <>

Dear Friends,

Maybe some of you do not remember me. However here it is me again.

I'm writing to you this time because in September 2000 I will open an Art
It is located in Quito - Ecuador -
We will specialise on Print, but we will show also:

Printing (all its forms)

1. Photography
2. Painting
3. Design
4. Drawing
5. Ceramics

	All the Art-Works to be showed will have to be developed in Black and
White. Color will be used only in printing. Never in Paint or other forms.

Our Gallery has a comercial interest, but at the same time we want to show
to the public very good Art.

The second resson I'm writing to you, is because I want you to help me
promoting this new gallery via Internet. We need to make contacts all over
the world.

Truly yours,

Damian Toro

toro & stark             galeria

Note: For any comment or question please make contact with me via e-mail.

Phone: 593-2-897970
Fax: 593-2-898289

Po Box 17 -07 8983
Quito - Ecuador -

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