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Syndicate: unique sign - unique location, Mostar

In a canon where the western movies made in East Europe 
were shooted and one can still discover the path where 
Winetou used to come down to the valley nowadays two 
communities live in two cities at the banks of Neretva 
river, one called Mostar (in Croatian), and the other 
Mostar (in Bosnian.) Cultural City Network Graz presents 
here swimming objects anchored in the river Neretva under 
the title Unique Sign - Unique Location. 
Artists from Central Europe try to sew together the 
riverbanks of Neretva (Gordana AndeliÄ?-Galic); to search 
whether the omelettes on the surface of the water have 
something to do with the eggs used for construction 
material at the Old Bridge in 1566 and with the destruction 
of the bridge in 1993 (Borut Popenko); to find out whether 
people thrown in the river with their hands tied up can 
swim or they can not (Dejan Grba). We are all curious 
whether the local people will walk on the new cyber-bridge (Joachim Bauer) and wheter they will 
swim to sit at the white mirror-table installed in the 
middle of the river (Jozsef Tasnadi).
Opening: 13 August. The same day the 433rd bridge-diving 
event will take where thousand of spectators are expected. 

Gordana AndeliÄ?-Galic (BIH), Amer BaksiÄ? (BIH), Joachim 
Baur (A), Mario CvetkoviÄ? (HR), Seiichi Furuya (J/A),Dejan 
Grba (YU), Aleksandar IliÄ?-Lamacq (HR), Luise Kloos (A), 
Borut Popenko (SLO), Priska Riedl (A), Kamen Stojanow (BG), 
Jozsef Tasnadi (H), Mariola Wawzusiak (PL). 

Organized by Cultural City Network Graz - Kulturvermittlung 
Steiermark in cooperation with the City of Mostar and 
KulturKontakt Austria. 
Concept and development: Max Aufischer.

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