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Syndicate: UMELEC 03.2000

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 18:14:34 +0200
From: vladan <>
Subject: UMELEC 03.2000

A new issue of Umelec is out now, following successful presentations at
the major art fair Art 31 Basel and in Ljubljana during the opening days
of Manifesta 3. 

Opening issue 3 is an art project by Czech artist Michal Pechoucek. 

In an extensive interview, Vladan Sir speaks with Czech artist Ivan
Vosecky about his recent paintings, politics, God, and the Ozone hole. 

Umelec also brings a fresh report by Lenka Lindaurova from Manifesta 3
in Ljubljana

Petra Jedlickova writes about technology vs. people and themes like
extensions of the body's anatomy, simulation of reality, and the third

An extensive 8-page spread features photographs of the unique
architecture of Hotel Praha in Prague, designed in the 1970s to serve to
top Communist officials and their visitors. 

Barney W. Greinke writes about his experience from his Cold War Tour,
being chased by the FBI and looking for nuclear silos in Montana.

Karel Cisar brings a report on Peter Land's exhibition at the
Klosterfelde Gallery in Berlin and Milos Vojtechovsky about performance
artists Jan Bas Ader, Sam Hsieh, Linda Montano and others, while Jana
Ticha writes about Robert Heinecken.

Otto M. Urban, again, reaches into the history of art and fishes out
examples of how different artists dealt with the theme of penis. 

Umelec provides an in-depth insight into the history of Kamenrider, the
action hero on Japanese television. 

The Media section brings an article by Michaela Vlkova on internet art
vs. art on the internet.

The New Faces section this time introduces young Belgium photographer
Kris de Smedt and an art student from Brno Jana Kalinova. 

Vladimir Salnikov: Avatar Reincarnation (Martin Zet at the TV Gallery in
Lenka Lindaurova: Let's Go to the Post Office (?Und ab die Post 2000 at
Postfuhramt in Berlin)
Ada Krnacova-Gutleber: The End of the Worlds with a Question Mark (The
End of the World?, National Gallery Prague)
Richard Gregor: Isolation in Megalomania (National Gallery Bratislava)

Kakalik: Star Wars III

In the News section:
Tomas Pospiszyl: Several Hours in NY/LA
Karel Cisar: Turner Prize 00
Lenka Lindaurova: Expo 2000
Vladan Sir: Art 31 Basel
Vladan Sir: The Fifth Artforum
Karel Cisar: How the West Has Won and Lost
Simona Mayerova-Goddard: Tate Modern-Responses
Lenka Lindaurova: Students and a New Style
Lenka Lindaurova: Sypka Gallery
Lenka Lindaurova: KunstWerke
Martin Zet: ZCCA Tip
Lenka Lindaurova: The Timeless Josef Hoffman
Jana Ticha: Public Space as a Private Thing
Karel Cisar: The World is Not Enough

Umelec is available at the following outlets:
Berlin: Buecherbogen am Savignyplatz; ProQM, Alte Schoenhauser Strasse
48; NGBK, Oranienstrasse; Wiens Laden & Verlag, Linienstrasse 158

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Moderna Galerija, Tomsiceva 14; Galerija Skuc,
Stari Trg 21

Zagreb, Croatia: mama-Multimedijalni Institut, Preradoviceva 18 

Vladan Sir..............................
.........................Umelec Magazine

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