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> From: Thomas Keenan <>
> To:
> On June 23rd 2000, Manifesta 3 opened in Ljubljana, Slovenia and according
> to the program will span the tenure of time through September 22, 2000.
> The direct inference is that the event exists and/or is being hosted
> 'someplace' within a specific plane of time. But can Manifesta be
> anytime?
> Manifesta is an ongoing experiment.  It travels, it is multi-curatorial
> it explores emerging voices in the contemporary visual practice.  But is
> innovative in terms of display?  Even under the aforementioned
> conditions, a show may arise that is even more local, more
> more compromise-driven than before.  To avoid such regression, Virtual
> Manifesta has been revealed on the Internet. The website aspires to
> transcend individual authorship and material work realized in confined
> physical spaces.  It avoids representation of regions and disciplines.  It
> offers creative environments that are linked to others via unpredictable
> trajectories.  It investigates the virtual.  It is a Virtual Manifesta.
> Projects:
> Martine  De Maeseneer, Ginger Freeman, Laura Kurgan, Albert Weis, Oliver
> Ressler, Fat, Wim Cuyvers
> Virtual Manifesta is curated and produced by Ole Bouman
> Sponsors:
> LCI Erudict, Groot-Bijgaarden
> Daikin Europe, Oostende & Daikin Airconditioning Belgium, Waver
> Modular Lighting Instruments, Roeselare
> Reynaers Aluminium, Duffel

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