ova.kill on Tue, 01 Aug 2000 15:25:33 +1000

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Syndicate: the on.line [sc.roll]


ext. ego mediator frag[onard]mentz [dubble+ or - lilt]

we c a huge wing hoverin outside the circuit, ebony flash movin forwards...

[your heart leaps]

wurds unfurl and dispurse>>tendrills pulling in n out>>lungs flame with a
mix of f.ire>>fingahs staid. blue flickahs, N-T-Ts switch, scripts d-velop,
mailz r subbed.


we he[a]r.e subliminalz>>doofz re:splend.dent[ing] b-tween filth
wurds>>actualz repeatin>>Lyd[r]o[tten]nesque sniggahs n snears smear my face.

[reclusivity promotes the cir[cus.cus]cuit, the shock-cut removes the
wired-up and shattered voicez n replacez them with dutiful dust
distortions, screamed oute beautifulli]

[git-tarrz mute the cards [layed out, death tabellez], twizt m-pulsez in
grey, flik blue into the wound, d-note all that is sheared, cau[gh]t.erized]


	Mi-Sez Lex Trix [FORGONE]
	[no GLOBAL, no PROSE, no MATTAH.]




data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              
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