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[cross-posting tour !]

hello friends and businessmen.

Grand activity at pavu.com before this summer resting days !

Today, a new fantastic tool will let you potter at home for free !
Discover our Electronic Pottery International Center at :

and feel free to try it!

// video for beginner available.
(2 Mo but what a great teacher you meet!)

enjoy your days at pavu.com

the pavu.com team
-/ you know where you are ! /-

------- french available too --------

darling, this evening, I offer a pottery to you.
How a pottery? How at home, without additional expenses, without having
anything to spend, thanks to Internet and to the pavu.com Electronic
Pottery International Center.
I choose my tour and I launch it directly on the screen. When my tour is
launched, I mix my clay ball, and, thanks to this tour, I will be able
to make you a splendid pot.
Easily, I apply the clay on the surface of the screen, I follow the
movements of the tour, and I realize easily, thanks to my innate gifts,
a wonderful pot; and I can say as follows:
- pavu.com, it is cool!

chérie, ce soir, je t'offre une poterie.
Comment une poterie ? Comment à la maison, sans frais supplémentaires,
sans que tu n'aie rien à débourser, grâce à internet et au pavu.com
Electronic Pottery International Center.
Je choisis mon tour et je le lance directement à l'écran. Quand mon tour
est lancé, je malaxe ma boule de terre, et, grâce à ce tour, je vais
pouvoir te faire un magnifique pot.
Facilement, j'applique la terre sur la surface de l'écran, je suis les
mouvements du tour, et je réalise facilement, grâce à mes dons innés, un
pot merveilleux; et je peux dire ainsi :
- pavu.com, c'est cool !

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