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Dear friend!
I am glad to inform  you about a homepage of the second international
performance festival Navinki2000 in Minsk in Belarus.
The Page content will be updated with participants' links and materials. A
program of the festival will be defined more exactly at the end of August
Also, there you can find archive materials of Navinki99 festival.

N A V I N K I 2000

the second international performance festival Navinki2000 will take place in
Minsk, 8-11 September, 2000.
Participants are coming from Poland and Germany, Italy and Spain, UK and
Northern Ireland,  Ireland and Sweden, Finland and Japan, Singapore and
Israel, Lithuania and, Belarus.
We are sure, Navinki festival is the most impressive event in
contemporary-art-life in Belarus ourdays. And it  was  proved by a real
interest to Navinki99 last September and after-discussions.
Performance art is starting  in Belarus from the middle of 80's. Up to last
years it was mostly out of main attention and understanding of it's
self-dependent significance as art. Even now we often come across with the
same opinion of semi-official authorities, and still now is not official art
in spite of  great support of audience. That is, performance remains most
free form of art and has a strong attractive power in conditions of
complicated Belarus situation.

The festival is conducted by Association of Contemporary Art in partnership
and support of: OSI; PRO HELVETIA
Reseaux Est-Ouest  Under the auspices of the Swiss Agency for Development
and Cooperation:; Polish Institute; Goethe Institute Minsk, Swedish
Institute, CRAC
Curator of the festival: Victor Petrov

Denis Romanovski

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