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Syndicate: Rave Scholarships from the IfA - to whom it concerns

From: "Dr. Barbara Barsch" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 14:05:45 +0000
Subject: Rave Scholarships - to whom it concerns

Rave Scholarships
from the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

Conceptual guideline

Ifa's role is to promote dialogue between cultures and to help them to form
a clearer picture of each other. Ifa operates as an organization mediating
German foreign cultural policy. The Institute is funded by the Foreign
Office, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart.

One of ifa's particular fields of interest is fine art. Ifa initiates a
direct cultural dialogue by presenting exhibitions by well-known German
artists all over the world, and of foreign art in ifa's galleries in
Stuttgart, Berlin and Bonn. There is a wide range of material and
theoretical support for artists at home and abroad. There have been no
suitable funding instruments in the Federal Republic to date for people
involved in arranging and realizing fine art exhibitions. Ifa, in the
course of its many contacts with curators as part of its own exhibition
activities, has established that there is a great need for further
education in museum and cultural management in many transformation
countries. Opportunities for active education are needed, not theoretical
training. Without material support from the German side it would not be
possible for target groups to undertake a stay of this kind. The Rave
scholarship is to be seen as an investment that will bear not just bear
fruit in the short term, but in the long term as well. The
scholarship-winner will not just acquire information, but will be able to
participate actively in and then exploit the practical experience gained in
Germany in his or her own home country.


Details about how to apply are to be found in the leaflet The application
leaflet can be ordered from the

c/o Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen
Charlottenplatz 17 
70173 Stuttgart

Applications due by: 31 March and 30 September each year.

Leaflet for Rave scholarship applicants

Rave Scholarships

The Rave Foundation would like to contribute to practical further education
in arranging and realizing fine art exhibitions. It therefore awards
scholarships to 
- curators
- restorers
- museum technicians 
- cultural managers

from transformation and developing countries who have arranged a guest
period, practical training period or non-paid work at a German museum, a
state gallery or in cultural management at a German institution.

The Rave Scholarship is a working scholarship and requires the holder's
presence. It includes the following payments 
- A monthly lump sum of DM 2,500 for a scholarship period of three to six
- Travelling expenses (to and from Germany) 
- Married person's supplement if the spouse is present in Germany
- Assistance with health insurance (also for spouses)
- German course


Scholarships will be awarded to applicants
- who finished their professional training not less than five years
previously and not yet over 35. Those still studying or training at the
time of application will not be considered for selection. A scholarship can
be awarded without age restrictions in reasonable cases. 
- who come from a transformation or developing country,
- who have found a partner institution in Germany that has agreed to take
care of them or agreed to a joint project,
- who can provide a positive statement from their own country (reference).

Knowledge of one of the three languages German, English or French is a

Applicants who are not accepted can apply only once more.

Selection procedure:

The Rave Foundation committee will assess all applications. Scholarships
are awarded twice per year. About 6 scholarships are awarded per year.

There is no legal claim to the award of a scholarship. The decision will be
conveyed to the applicant in writing without stating reasons.

Application documents

Applications are submitted without forms to the Rave Foundation, c/o
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Charlottenplatz 17, 70173 Stuttgart, Fax
+49 / 711 / 2264346, E-Mail:

The application should be accompanied by

- a CV, including educational qualifications,
- a project sketch about the form of the planned visit to Germany,
- consent from a German institution to care for the applicant during the
scholarship period in Germany,
- a letter of reference from the home country.

The last application dates or 31 March and 30 September each year.
Selections will be made within two months.

The Rave Foundation is an independent charitable foundation administered by
the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa). Ifa is a mediating organization
for German foreign cultural policy.

Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen
Dr. Barbara Barsch/ Linienstrasse 155/ D-10115 Berlin
Tel. ++49(0)30 28449111/ Fax: ++49(0)30 2823331
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