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Syndicate: [Fwd: [noborder] action in Kiev, Ukraine - a bit late]

From: Maxime Butkevitch <chienukr@yahoo.com>
To: noborder@kein.org


At 13th July in Kiev in front of four ambassies - of
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Poland - there was
an action against closing the borders. Some 15-20
persons claiming themselves "Initiative group NO
BORDERS - Ukraine" have come with the banners "No one
is illegal", "Open the borders, close the ambassies",
"The real alien is the power" and fake border bars.
They placed the bars on the street and took'em up only
after giving to people passed "entry/exit visa to all
the countries". Also they distributed the leaflets
The day was chosen as the day of first border camp on
Polish-Slovakian-Ukrainian border beginning, and it
was also explained.

Czech Rebublic and Slovakia terminated the non-visa
regime with Ukraine on 28th June for entering the EU.
Italian ambassy was the nearest of EU's country. And
Poland proclaimed that it doesn't want to introduce
visa regime with Ukraine but will do it at 2003 for
entering EU.

There was some media coverage of the action which is
unusual for Ukraine.

Sorry for writing so late - I was in polish camp the
next days.

The future actions planned.


Maxime, Kiev
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